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Gallery 1261 & Denver Public Library present Legacy

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Friday, December 8th, 2017
Starts at 10:00 AM
Denver Public Library
10 W. 14th Ave Pkwy
Denver, CO 80204

This November, in partnership with the Denver Public Library, Gallery 1261 presents Legacy, an exhibition of works by some of the most prominent painters working in the field of realism today. Curated by Anthony Waichulis this historic exhibition aims to not only highlight these artists’ immense skill and talent but acknowledge their major contributions in the field of art education as well. The exhibition is in the Vida Ellison Gallery (Level 7) at the Denver Central Library, 10 W. 14th Pkwy., Denver 80204 and closes on December 31.

To properly contextualize the exhibition, it is best to use the words of the curator. Waichulis describes the remit of the exhibition as such. “For nearly 40,000 years mankind has been contributing to a vast visual record of the human condition. Weaving creativity with convention, each generation of mark-makers would pass along to the next an evolving visual vocabulary that would eventually overcome barriers of time, distance, language, and culture. Today, art educators prepare new generations of creatives to contribute new chapters to this unique, ongoing epic. Legacy is a celebration of these educators”. This show serves a dual purpose. It is both a continuation of these traditions, and one that cements this group of artist-educators in the cannon of art history.

With over 30 participating artists, Legacy will feature a myriad of different work. Ranging from portrait, to still life, to landscape, there is something for everyone to enjoy. “Storyteller” by Anthony Waichulis is extraordinary. Each object in this still life is realized in full. While the skull is the major focal point your eyes drift toward the weathered action figures and the crayon-covered blocks. Jon Demartin’s “Tank Cars Afterglow” is a gorgeous rendering of an industrial landscape. The soft evening light works harmoniously with the seemingly endless tank cars and electrical towers, creating a meditative feel. “The Artist Portrait of Katie Whipple” by Michelle Dunaway is a moving figurative work. The sitter is framed in a rounded doorway, perfectly poised with palette and brush in hand. The overall tone of the work is soft and serene. These are just a few highlights from the show.

Just as there is a variety in work, there is diversity amongst the schools in which the artists teach. One of these schools is Ani Art Academies. Founded by participating artist Tim Reynolds this school serves as a place of work for many of the exhibiting artists. There are also teachers from CraftsyStudio IncamminatiArt Crit Academy, and the Florence Academy of Art just to name a few. What’s more is that many of these artists will be holding workshops throughout the exhibition, a once in a lifetime event for anybody wanting to learn.

Legacy is a unique and engaging exhibition unlike any other. Denver will be exposed to work from some of the top working artists today and give them the opportunity to learn from them as well. This show is certainly one to catch.

A complete list of participating artists can be found at

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