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Taiko Class

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Class (drop-in)
Saturday, December 9th, 2017
12:15 PM - 1:15 PM
Boulder Aikikai
2424 30th St.
Boulder, CO 80301

-Adults class-  Saturdays:

Taiko Basics:  12:15-1:15pm (All levels-No experience required)

Taiko-1:  1:25-2:25pm 

Taiko-2:  2:30-3:45pm 

-Taiko Kidz-  Thursdays:  4:00-5:00pm (All levels-No experience required) *please go to Kids class info.

-Open class- 60 minutes for All levels---By an appointment only

-Requested by 5 or more students in advance.

-Please arrive 15 minutes prior each class as "Taiko Time." (Taiko setting up is a part of a training.)

-Please take an extra 15-20 minutes to drive for a sever weather.

Adults:  $ 60.00 per month (4 sessions/mo), $70 (5 sessions/mo)
Kids:  $ 60.00 per month (4 sessions/mo), $70 (5 sessions/mo)

Drop-in:  $ 17.00 per session (includes bachi rental)
Coupons:  $132 for 10 sessions. Expired in 16 weeks from a date purchased.(No transferable.)

Private and semi-private lessons:  by an appointment only

Private-$45/60 minutes

Semi-private, 2 students-$30 per person

Small group, 3-4 students-$20 per person

Class maybe canceled due to taiko events. Please feel free to ask questions. Thank you.

*Refund policy: 50% refund before a second week if you paid in full a montly class fee. No refund after the second week.

* Bachi (drum sticks) $12.00~$38.00 /Rental $ 5.00 per class. (if you forget bachi to bring, $5 will be charged to rent)
* $15 registration/association fee required. (One time only. Non-refundable)

* Take new students on every Saturday

* Private lessons and small group lessons available

* Boulder Taiko HIBIKI conducts a workshop demo in a public

* Ask details for multiple class discount and early bird discount ($5-70 off)

* Schedule and fee are subject to change.

Boulder Aikikai (Please don't call the dojo)

2424 30th St., Boulder, CO 80301

Boulder Taiko “HIBIKI” was founded by Julia Misawa in January 2006. Already our dynamic young group has performed at cultural and community events along the Colorado Front Range. Julia Misawa studied traditional Japanese taiko for ten years under the guidance of Taiko Master Seiichi Tanaka. It was Sensei Tanaka who first brought Taiko to the U.S. in 1968 when he founded the San Francisco Taiko Dojo.

As part of the professional team at this dojo, Julia Misawa traveled throughout the United States. Some memorable experiences included performing at Carnegie Hall and recording a DVD at studios owned by George Lucas. Along with intense devotion to her own practice, Julia also conducted workshops for emotionally disturbed children at a hospital in Napa California. She continues in Boulder her commitment to teaching taiko to children and adults.

Hibiki” means ‘resonance’ and many audience members report feeling inexplicably moved by the incredible sound of the drums. The resonance in the sound of the drums is due in part to the master craftsmanship that goes into making these amazing instruments. Many taiko drums are hundreds of years old, and the best drums are made entirely from one single tree trunk. It is believed that the spirit of the tree from which the wood came and the spirit imparted by the performers through the years helps produce the unique sound of the taiko.

Resonance also describes the communication and relationship between drummer and drum, between the all the players in the ensemble, and with audience members. This spiritual aspect of taiko crosses boundaries of culture and age, and is a hallmark of this unique art form.

As Sensei Tanaka has said, “The essence of learning taiko is not only the skillful playing of percussion instruments, but also the discipline of mind and body, in the spirit of complete respect and unity among the drummers. It is also the ultimate challenge of reaching the point of unity of the drummer’s spirit with the drum.”


The challenge and the beauty of taiko stem from the combination of percussion, dance, and martial art. As in martial art study, Boulder Taiko’s teaching method and essence is based upon the four basic elements, Mind, Skill, Body, and Manner.

Kokoro: Discipline of mind, self-control and Spirit

Waza: Musical skills, physical expression and rhythm

Karada: Discipline of body strength, power and stamina

Rei: Communication manner, harmony, language, unity of spirit between players and the drums

All four elements are essential and should be studied equally so that they all become single form. For begin- ning students, the basic grip, stance and movement are learned prior to practicing fundamental drills designed to learn basic drumming techniques. Each class starts with a routine of full body stretches and the use of voice is practiced throughout each class. One method unique to Sensei Tanaka’s teaching style is that “Kuchi-Shoka”, students “sing” the rhythms without the music score so that the entire body, not just the brain, learns the rhythm.

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Julia Misawa

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