Funded Projects, Artists and Organizations

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Community Arts Fund Recipient ($500) - November 2016

  • Makena Sneed

2016 Pathways to Jazz Recipients
($2000 - $4210 each)

  • Adam Bartczak
  • Dexter Payne
  • Carmen Sandim
  • Cassio Vianna
  • Rico Jones
  • Colorado Jazz Repertory Orchestra
  • Gabriel Mervine
  • Wellington Bullings
  • Peter Sommer
  • Walter Gorra
  • Khabu Young

Fall 2016 Endowment Recipients; Project Support
($1500 - $5000 each)

  • Alirio Silva
  • Ars Nova Singers
  • BaoBao Foundation
  • Boulder Arts Week
  • Boulder Metalsmithing Association 
  • Boulder Museum Of Contemporary Art
  • Capoeira Canavial
  • Cindy Brandle Dance Company
  • Eco-Wakening
  • Helander Dance Theater
  • Jeffrey Nytch
  • Julia Misawa
  • KGNU - Boulder County Community Radio
  • Lyons Regional Library
  • Motus Theatre
  • Parlando School For The Arts
  • Public Works Theatre Company
  • The Art Underground

Spring 2016 Endowment Recipients; Operating Support
($1250 - $5000 each)

  • Block 1750
  • Studio Arts Boulder
  • Colorado Film Society
  • Boulder Chamber Orchestra
  • Boulder Opera Company
  • Joanna and The Agitators
  • The Old Gallery
  • Third Law Dance/Theater, Inc.
  • Boulder International Fringe Festival
  • Interweave Dance Theatre Of Boulder, Inc.
  • Boulder Ballet
  • Hoarded Stuff Performance
  • Firehouse Art Center
  • Longmont Museum & Cultural Center
  • Frequent Flyers Productions, Inc.
  • The Catamounts
  • Barrio E'
  • Sans Souci Festival Of Dance Cinema
  • Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra

Fall 2015 Endowment Recipients; Project Support
($1000 - $3000 each)

  • Arts Longmont, Dance
  • Boulder Ensemble Theatre Company, Theatre
  • Lauren Beale, Dance
  • Leah Brenner, Visual Art
  • EcoArts Connections, Multi-discipline
  • Jennifer Heath, Visual Art
  • Motus Theatre, Theatre
  • Open Arts, Visual Art
  • Parlando School for the Arts, Music
  • Pro Musica Colorado Chamber Orchestra, Music
  • Public Works Theatre Company, Theatre
  • Laura Ann Samuelson, Dance
  • Society for Creative Aging, Theatre
  • Square Product Theatre, Theatre
  • Betsy Tobin, Theater
  • Jim Walker, Theatre
  • Amber Widom, Dance

2015 Pathways to Jazz Recipients
($1000 - $4500 each)

  • Clare Church
  • Matthew Fuller
  • Jeff Jenkins
  • TerriJo Jenkins
  • Jason Klobnak
  • Josh Quinlan
  • Joshua Reed
  • Anisha Rush
  • Emily Takahashi
  • Heath Walton
  • Samuel Williams

Spring 2015 Endowment Recipients; Operating Support
($1250 - $3000 each)

  • Allenspark Community Cultures Council, Music
  • Art as Action, Dance
  • BaoBao Foundation, Dance
  • Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra, Music
  • Firehouse Art Center, Music
  • Frequent Flyers Productions, Dance
  • Goddess Here Productions, Theatre
  • Jaipur Literature Festival, Literature
  • Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema, Dance/Film
  • Stories on Stage, Literature
  • The Catamounts, Theatre
  • World Singing Day, Music

Spring 2015 Endowment Recipients; Fellowships
($1000 each)

  • Evanne Browne, Music
  • William Kopper, Music

Spring 2015 Endowment Recipients; Equipment Purchase
($1250 - $2641 each)

  • Boulder Metalsmithing Association
  • Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Clay Hawkley, Visual Artist
  • The Unexpected Laboratory

Spring 2015 Arts for All Children Recipients; to provide music lessons
($350 - $1,390 each)

  • Sharon Gillespie
  • Margot Krimmel
  • Marie-Jose Payannet
  • Chris Rippey
  • Anthony Salvo

Fall 2014 Neodata Endowment Recipients; Project Support
($1000 - $3725 each)

  • Buffy Andrews
  • Boulder Bach Festival
  • Boulder Ballet
  • Boulder Samba School
  • Jack Collom
  • Downtown Longmont Community Ventures
  • EcoArts Connections 
  • Michelle Ellsworth
  • Mary Wohl Haan 
  • Heath, Jennifer
  • Heekin, Lee
  • Local Theater Company
  • David Lorraine
  • Maldonado, Tamil
  • Motus Theatre
  • Parlando School for the Arts
  • Rocky Mountain Chorale
  • Seicento Baroque Ensemble
  • Cindy Sepucha
  • Society for Creative Aging
  • Square Product Theatre
  • Tobin, Betsy
  • Truth Be Told

Pathways to Jazz Grant ($1400 - $4100 each)

  • Annie Booth
  • Bonnie Lowdermilk
  • Scott Martin
  • Barbara Perea
  • Paul Shinn

Spring 2014 Neodata Endowment Recipients; General Operating & Equipment Support and Fellowships in Theatre ($1000 - $1500 each)

  • Ana Maria Hernando
  • Ars Nova Singers
  • Art as Action
  • Blue Moon Dance Company
  • Boulder Chamber Orchestra
  • Boulder Ensemble Theatre Company
  • Boulder Metalsmithing Association
  • Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Boulder Opera Company
  • Confluence Community Arts, CoCoA
  • Downtown Longmont Community Ventures
  • Greater Boulder Youth Orchestras
  • Interweave Dance Theatre of Boulder, Inc.
  • Longmont Jazz Association
  • Longmont Symphony Orchestra
  • Longmont Youth Symphony
  • NoBo Art District
  • Public Works Theatre Company
  • Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema
  • Sounds of Lyons
  • The Catamounts
  • The Unexpected Laboratory
  • William Kopper
  • Laura Ann Samuelson - Dance Fellowship
  • Linda Lowry - Visual Art Fellowship

Community Arts Fund Recipient ($500) - January 2014

  • The Boulder Opera

Fall 2013 Neodata Endowment project support grants ($750-1500 each)

  • Boulder Bach Festival
  • Cindy Brandle Dance Company
  • Dianela Acosta
  • Elizabeth Bowman
  • Evolving Doors Dance
  • Goddess Here Production
  • Jack Collom
  • Lisa Bell
  • Locheart Arts
  • Longmont Museum & Cultural Center
  • Motus Theatre
  • Seicento Baroque Ensemble
  • square product theatre

Spring 2013 Neodata Endowment Recipients; General Operating & Equipment Support and Fellowships in Theatre ($500 - $1000 each)

  • Parlando School for the Arts
  • Sounds of Lyons
  • East Boulder County Artists
  • Art as Action
  • Longmont Youth Symphony
  • Boulder Samba School
  • Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema
  • Rocky Mountain Chorale
  • Boulder International Fringe Festival
  • Interweave Dance Theatre of Boulder, Inc.
  • CenterStage Theatre Company
  • Stories on Stage
  • TinHouse Experimental Dance Theater
  • Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Pro Musica Colorado Chamber Orchestra
  • Boulder Ensemble Theatre Company
  • Boulder Potters Guild
  • Longmont Chorale
  • Blue Moon Dance Company
  • Firehouse Art Center
  • EcoArts Connections
  • Boulder Writing Studio
  • Ashley Smith - Equipment Purchase
  • Tamil Maldonado - Equipment Purchase
  • Harrison, Emily K. Harrison - Theatre Fellowship
  • Amanda Berg Wilson - Theatre Fellowship

Fall 2012 Neodata Endowment Recipients ($500 - $1500 each)

  • Boulder Bach Festival - In support of fees for seven guest artists appearing in the March 2, 2013 Boulder performance of J.S. Bach's St. John Passion
  • Frequent Flyers Productions, Inc. - To bring world-class artist, David Clarkson, Australia, to set new work on FF dancers for 25th anniversary and teach at ADF 2013 (15th anniversary) where the new piece will premier
  • The Catamounts - To assist with our regional premiere production of Jon by George Saunders in March 2013
  • Shana Worel - Support for the cross-disciplinary event, the Colorado Cabaret Ball, presented by Boulder Swing Dance.  This is a collaborative event that celebrates some of the greatest local artists in Boulder with live music, film-art, live dancing, and live performances
  • Longmont Museum & Cultural Center - Exhibition of large-format, framed photographic prints by Boulder County photographer Mark Ivins. These black and white prints document the Great Western Sugar company factory in Longmont as it exists today. They reveal the beauty in the decay of a landmark
  • Boulder Chamber Orchestra - Support for our concert featuring acclaimed guest artists Mezzo-Soprano Jennifer Lane and Soprano Jennifer Kampani
  • Now Or Never Theatre - To help fund the creation of METAPHOR, a multi-media theatre performance that uses visual metaphors to explore relationship patterns, with actors, puppeteers, dancers, and musicians - an August 2013 show at the Boulder International Fringe Festival
  • Longmont Dance Theatre - To help support the professional dancers' salaries in February 2013 in a collaborative performance between LDT's Pre-Collegiate intensive training students and Zikr Dance Ensemble
  • Longmont Theatre Company - A collaboration to bring Su Teatro’s insightful production of “Enrique’s Journey” to the Longmont Performing Arts Center Theatre to better connect with our growing Latino population.  This special event will focus on the Latino community’s important cultural contribution and rich story telling tradition
  • Longmont Symphony Orchestra - "Nature's Symphony - Great Outdoors Colorado" is a multimedia event featuring Colorado's renowned photographer John Fielder in collaboration with the Longmont Symphony Orchestra
  • Lisa Bell - The 3rd annual MMMMMBoulder-Music, Movies, Modern Art, Movement & Monolog. The show combines the best of Boulder arts in one show, and the 2013 show adds dance and theater to the lineup for the first time
  • Seicento Baroque Ensemble - To help underwrite fees for the three sackbut players who will be a cornerstone of our fall concert series and who will enrich the local community with master classes and private lessons
  • Evolving Doors Dance - Requesting funding for our project SKIN, an evening-length work that explores the concepts and reasons for human touch
  • Michael Stanwood - Skymessengers is a multi-media production celebrating nature through the wonders of clouds. These images have been collected over the past 25 years, and now will be presented through creative video, live texts and music
  • NoBo Art District - The NoBo (North Boulder) Little Library project is an innovative, inclusive, community-based effort to install a series of sculptural Little Libraries in NoBo neighborhoods. Little Libraries are designed to hold books, games, and artwork that community members can borrow in the spirit of “take a book, leave a book”
  • Jane Shepard - Seeking support to complete post-production of my short film in order to be ready for a retrospective of my film work at the Boulder Public Library in late October, and to make copies available to Boulder organizations who would benefit from owning a copy of the film
  • WreckingBall Theater Lab - Moulin Scrooge is an irreverent holiday musical created by Peter Gwinn of the Colbert Report.  Moulin Scrooge combines the 2001 hit Moulin Rouge and the Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol to create this gut-splitting send-up
  • Allenspark Community Cultures Council - Allenspark Performing Arts Group (affiliated with Allenspark Community Cultures Council) plans to mount a full-scale outdoor musical theater production of Fiddler On the Roof in July, 2013

Community Arts Fund Recipient ($500) - July 2012

  • Seicento Baroque Ensemble

Spring 2012 Neodata Endowment Recipients; General Operating & Equipment Support and Fellowships in Literature ($1000 each)

  • OpenArts
  • Tinhouse Experimental Dance Theater
  • Boulder Ensemble Theatre Company
  • Band of Toughs
  • Longmont Youth Symphony
  • The Schiff Dance Collective
  • Syzygy Butoh
  • Boulder International Fringe Festival
  • Julia Misawa
  • Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Pro Musica Colorado Chamber Orchestra
  • Blue Moon Dance Company
  • Kutandara Center
  • Interweave Dance Theatre of Boulder, Inc.
  • pARTiculars Art Gallery & Teaching Studio
  • Firehouse Art Center
  • Old Town Cinema
  • Robert Gatewood - Literature Fellowship
  • Alex Stein - Literature Fellowship

Community Arts Fund Recipient ($500) - February 14, 2012

  •  square product theatre - 44 Plays for 44 Presidents

Fall 2011 Neodata Endowment Recipients ($1000 each)

  • Jennifer Heath -  "Water, Water Everywhere," a traveling film exhibition about water issues worldwide
  • Angie Simmons - "Dis-Guise", a new, evening-length dance work which will premiere at the Dairy
  • Amanda Berg Wilson - The Catamounts' regional premiere production of Emily Schwartz's THE THREE FACES OF DOCTOR CRIPPEN
  • Mary Wohl Haan - Solo concert of dance theater work and dance for camera pieces by Mary Wohl Haan as part of the 2012 Boulder Fringe Festival
  • Lisa Bell - Highlighting multi-discipline art forms of Boulder County-a show alternating short films with live music; visual art and local food & beverages
  • Shana Worel - Colorado Cabaret Ball, which brings Boulders finest artists to the public for the purpose of growing the art community
  • Carlos Heredia - Workshop the condensed Boulder Fringe version of Carlos Heredia's musical, "Then Sean Met Khalid," into a full-length musical
  • Art as Action - Beautiful Mistake, an original collaborative performance developed through our exceptional Artivist Process
  • Boulder Ballet - Community arts event Ballet in the Park, a free summer concert that reaches diverse audiences by making the arts accessible
  • Longmont Jazz Association - 14th annual Longmont Jazz Festival, a free event featuring performances by the finest Colorado jazz musicians
  • Old Firehouse Art Center - After-school program at the Longmont Title 1 school, Loma Linda Elementary, for instruction in art and crafts
  • Playback Theatre West - Playback Theater performances supporting community dialogue on race and class in Boulder history and in the present
  • Resonance Women's Chorus -  Sweet Land, a free choral concert reflecting on the gap between current inequities and the promise of America
  • square product theatre - Spring 2012 production of 5 LESBIANS EATING A QUICHE, a new play
  • Third Law Dance/Theater, Inc. - "Salon" showcase of 3rd Law work and previews of 2012 work including community event with community dancers

Spring 2011 Neodata Endowment Recipients; General Operating & Equipment Support and Fellowships in Dance and Visual Art ($1000 each)

  • Boulder International Fringe Festival
  • Parlando School for the Arts
  • BaoBao Festival
  • Sounds of Lyons
  • Syzygy Butoh
  • CenterStage Theatre Company
  • Longmont Chorale
  • Louisville Cultural Council (LCC)
  • Robert Sher-Macherndal - Dance Fellowship
  • Sara Rockinger - Visual Art Fellowship

Community Arts Fund Recipient ($500)

  • Sara Rockinger - Immigration Stories. Installation in the McMahon Gallery in the Dairy Center for the Arts.

Fall 2010 Neodata Endowment Recipients ($1000 each)

  • Jack Collom - Leading children from Uni Hill and Pioneer Elementary in writing various poetry
  • Elizabeth Black - Support for publicity and printing costs associated with the 2011 Eccentric Artists' Garden Exhibit and Tour
  • Michelle Ellsworth - Support for creation of a new performable website entitled, "Preparation for the Obsolescense of the Y Chromosome"
  • Band of Toughs - Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers, an ensemble-created piece inspired by Pierre Marivaux's Changes of Heart and the Golden Age of Hollywood's MGM musical era
  • Boulder Bach Festival - Partial support for the six guest artists appearing in the Boulder, March 12, 2011 performance of the J.S. Bach Mass in B Minor
  • Boulder Ballet - Ballet in the Park, a free, outdoor, summer concert that reaches diverse audiences by making the arts accessible to all
  • Boulder Ensemble Theatre Company - Production support of Michael Hollinger's, "An Empty Plate in the Cafe de Grand Boeuf"
  • En Fuego Productions - 2011 Show entitled, "Quatro Lunas"
  • Now or Never Theatre - The Crane Wife, a puppet theater performance based on the Japanese folk tale
  • Pro Musica Colorado Chamber Orchestra - Support for concert, Music Declares, music by Mozart and Daniel Kellogg with soloist Larry Graham
  • Sound Circle - Solstice concert, titled Path of Beauty: Singing the Grand Canyon, a collaboration with photographer Chris Brown and several musical guest artists
  • square product theatre - Funding for collaborative theatrical production of Allen Ginsberg's, HOWL

BCAA/Addison Mini Grant ($500 Summer 2010)

  • Boulder Art Association - Funding for a video camera and accessories for more effective demonstrations
  • Rebecca Bradford - Support to help defray the cost of renting the Dairy Center for the Arts for September 2010 performances
  • Don Fried - Funding for a public reading of the original play, "Bodice Ripper"
  • Muse Gallery - Support for  "Reflections - Cultural Identities" Exhibition in October 2010
  • Now or Never Theatre - Multi-media theater performance based on Homer;s epic, The Oddyssey, with actors, puppets, masks, shadows, original music and video projections
  • Brian Rocheleau -  Support for the project costs of The Boulder Blind Cafe 3
  • Sounds of Lyons - Support to bring, "Metamorphosis," an ensemble piece of story and music to the schools of Boulder County as a mini winter outreach program
  • The Upstart Crow - Sony HDV camcorder travel kit and accessories to film all performances
  • Daniella Vinitski - Honorarium funding for Lead Technologist and wood and steel materials for set design for the original interdisciplinary production, "Carnivals and Snowstorms."

Spring 2010 Neodata Endowment Recipients; General Operating & Equipment Support and Fellowship in Theater ($1000 each)

  • Allenspark Community Cultures Council - Exhibit lighting
  • Boulder Concert Band, Inc.
  • Blue Moon Dance Co.
  • Colorado Shakespeare Festival
  • Frequent Flyers Productions, Inc.
  • Mudslingers Pottery School - Portable potter's wheel
  • Watch Your Step
  • Elizabeth Baron - Theater Fellowship 

BCAA/Addison Mini Grant ($500 Winter 2010)

  • Boulder Samba School - Instrument purchase for members and community participants
  • Syzygy Butoh - The Butoh Cowboy Project, an evening length, multi-media, collaborative performance
  • Robert Fitzgerald - Sound art project in varous locations around Boulder
  • Confluence Community Arts - Expansion of the Lyons Studio Tour
  • Marj Hahne - Inquiry-based, salon-style series whereby guest presenters and audience members holistically explor topics bridging the arts, humanities, and sciences
  • William Lowrey - Purchase electric chainsaw and other carving tools
  • Elvira Stewart - Multi-media collaborative film, dance and live stirng music production for July 2010 at the Dairy
  • Aluminous Performing Arts Collective - "Inconstancy," an ensemble-created original piece inspired by Pierre Marivaux's, "Changes of Heart" and the Golden Age of Hollywood musicals
  • Sara Rockinger - Creation & display of an installation of fiber art work w/ film/video projection to be displayed at the Old Firehouse Art Center
  • Claire L Patton - Woe to the Conquered!, an original play debuting at the 2010 Boulder Fringe

Fall 2009 Neodata Endowment Recipients ($1000 each)

  • After Hour Art - Funding to create two new art classes for free after school arts program
  • Boulder Bach Festival - Funding for annual March Festival promoting artistic excellence by bringing NY based violinist Krista Feeney
  • Boulder Ballet - "Ballet in the Park," the free, outdoor summer concert
  • Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art - Support for presentation of Beverly McIver, whose work opens a universal dialogue on identity, race and the kaleidoscopic roles that females hold throughout their lives
  • Michelle Ellsworth - Support for the creation of a new solo performance called,
  • Helander Dance Theater - "Empty Spaces," a new, collaborative, multimedia, dance theater production
  • Pro Musica Colorado Chamber Orchestra - Concert featuring Edward Dusinberre designed to reach traditional and diverse audiences
  • Society for Creative Aging - Marketing support for travelling photography exhibit, targeted towards older photographers and older adults
  • Sounds of Lyons - Sounds of Lyons, a 2-day mini music festival bringing world -class musicians & local talents together
  • Elvira Stewart - Multi-media collaborative film, dance, and live string music prodution in July 2010
  • square product theatre - World premier of an ensemble created theatre piece titled, "One Woman Show."
  • Betsy Tobin - Multi-media theatre performance based on Homer's epic, The Oddyssey, with actors, puppets, masks, shadows and video

BCAA/Addison Mini Grant ($500 Summer 2009)

  • Pro Musica Colorado Chamber Orchestra - Mostly Mozart Plus Jennifer Higdon concert with clarinetist Dan Silver
  • Mudslingers Pottery School - After school ceramics class for teens, at no-charge or reduced charge
  • The Carousel of Happiness - Community-wide art project that will raise funds for the carousel
  • Society for Creative Aging - Opening evening festival production of Stories on Stage
  • Woof! Productions - Theater rental for, "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change."
  • Boulder Art Association - Community outreach/pilot program for visual art instruction program in schools
  • The Renaissance Project - Funding to hire 4 instrumentalists to accompany performance of Monteverdi's Beatus vir
  • Alan O'Hashi - Kaeru Productions - Funding to produce "Cordially, Georgia O'Keefe" documentary film
  • Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema - 7th Annual Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema, April 2010

2009 Milash Representational Painter Award Recipient ($1000)

  • Colleen Paul Hoerner

Spring 2009 Neodata Endowment Recipients; General Operating Support and Fellowships in Literature and Music ($1000 each)

  • Ars Nova Singers
  • Boulder Adventure Film Festival
  • Boulder International Fringe Festival
  • Blue Moon Dance Company
  • Frequent Flyers Productions, Inc.
  • Longmont Chorale
  • Longmont Council for the Arts (LCA)
  • Open Studios, Inc.
  • Rocky Mountain Center for Musical Arts
  • Watch Your Step
  • Woof! Productions
  • George Moore – Literature Fellowship
  • David Harris – Music Fellowship

BCAA/Addison Mini Grant ($500 Winter 2009)

  • Aluminous Performing Arts Collective - "Big Love" by Charles Mee, Obie award-winning playwright
  • Longmont Jazz Association - 11th Annual Longmont Jazz Festival
  • square product theatre - "Tornado Season," a solo work exploring intersections of faith and violence in the American landscape and consciousness
  • Giving Voice Productions - "Promiscuity, Passion and Promises: The Sex Lives of Teenagers," 3rd part of the trilogy
  • High Plains Youth Symphony - Music Library Project
  • MinTze Wu - "Sounds of Lyons," a 2-day mini music festival bringing world-class musicians & local talents together
  • Johanna Walker - Writing and performance course for Boulder girls, ending in an informal showing of work for friends and family
  • Now Or Never Theatre - New version of "Shadows & Journeys"

Fall 2008 Neodata Endowment Recipients ($1000 each)

  • Darcie Sanders - "ZimFest Sampler Day" of African music, singing, dance and cross-cultural exchange
  • Boulder Chamber Orchestra - Special Guest Musicians program
  • Allenspark Community Cultural Council - Creating Art in Allenspark: A workshop to introduce the Allenspark community to the Arts Activities of the new Community Center
  • Alan O'Hashi - Documentary of "The Ditch Project," juxtaposing representational images of ditches - photographs - with other art forms and how ditches have become art forms in their own right
  • Theater Company of Lafayette - Separated at Birth: The Lincoln Darwin Plays, a festival of all new plays honoring the shared 200th birthday of Lincoln and Darwin
  • Teri Davis Padilla - Mural Arts for Social Change; bringing together underserved youth communities, professional artists and grassroots organizations to use large-scale mural arts as an educational path for social change
  • Elizabeth Black - The Ditch Project, a multi-faceted show with 3 venues: The Dairy, BMoCA and Boulder Public Library
  • Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema - Niche film festival specializing in dance films and videos
  • Margarita Blush - "River Story", 45 minute puppetry performance based on the Bulgarian folk tale, "Zlatka, the Girl Made Out of Gold"
  • Boulder Ensemble Theatre Company - Production of STOP KISS by Diana Son
  • Kirsten Wilson - Creation and performance of, "Rocks, Karma, Arrows" a multimedia theater piece examining Boulder history in relation to questions regarding economic and cultural diversity
  • Interweave Dance Theatre of Boulder, Inc. - The "Summer of Love," 29th annual summer concert
  • Colorado Mahler Fest - Colorado MahlerFest's week-long annual festival
  • Emma Hardy - "Brainstorm," multiple, large packages with images inside & faces emerging from them

BCAA/Addison Mini Grant ($500 Summer 2008)

  • Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema - Sixth annual film festival
  • Margarita Blush - River Story, a family puppetry performance, featuring puppets, masks, shadow theatre, and live music, inspired by a Bulgarian folk tale
  • Antero Winds - Free community concert for local families, targeted toward people who may not have had previous exposure to woodwind quintets or to classical music in general
  • Halau Hula O Na Mauna Pohaku – Support for 2nd biannual Ho'ike (show)
  • Rocky Mountain Chorale - Purchase of a software program and computer scanner which will enable production of accurate voice part recordings from sheet music
  • Angie Simmons - Evening length performance, "Shaping the Now" explores how we shape our environment and how it shapes us
  • Pick Up Sticks Marimba - 3 family friendly community concerts, "2nd Annual Pick Up Sticks Solstice Celebration" Dec. 20 & 21 at the Nomad Theater
  • Palette Art Gallery of Nederland - Marketing funds for 6 visual art workshops of varying lengths and topics for the Peak-to-Peak Mountain communities

2008 Milash Representational Painter Award Recipient ($1000)

  • Irene Delka McCray

Spring 2008 Neodata Endowment Recipients; General Operating Support and Fellowships in Visual Art and Dance ($1000 each):

  • Blue Moon Dance Co.
  • Boulder Bach Festival
  • Boulder International Fringe Festival
  • Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Colorado Shakespeare Festival
  • The Dairy Center for the Arts, Inc.
  • Frequent Flyers Productions, Inc.
  • Giving Voice Productions
  • Longmont Chorale
  • Mudslingers Pottery
  • Rocky Mountain Center for Musical Arts
  • Shakespeare Oratorio Society
  • Katie Elliott - Dance Fellowship
  • Angie Simmons - Dance Fellowship
  • Ana Maria Hernando - Visual Art Fellowship

BCAA/Addison Mini Grant ($500 Winter 2008)

  • Square Product Theatre - Funding for May 2008 production of Wendy MacLeod's, "The House of Yes"
  • Don Fried - Staging a production of 3 one-act plays at the 2008 Boulder International Fringe Festival
  • California Actors Theater - Purchase of additional lighting equipment for new theater
  • The Lyric Ensemble - To introduce string instruments to 4th grade students at 3 BVSD schools
  • Telling Stories - Support to purchase a video camera for documenting & marketing purposes
  • Bettianne Shoney Sien - Finish developing, writing and illustrating a children's book about the loss of a pet/cat for ages 4-10
  • Theatre V - Director's stipend for "The Wife Album," an original dance-theatre piece based on the life of Lotte Lenya
  • Ali Lightfoot - Post production, film screening, manufacturing and distribution costs for feature length documentary film titled, "An Elementary Education"
  • Robin Truesdale - Color correction costs for "Tumbuka," an independent film project about gender issues in a Zimbabwean village
  • Johanna Walker - Free, six-week writing and performance course to Boulder girls, ending in an informal showing of work for friends and family

Fall 2007 Neodata Endowment Recipients ($1000-$1250 each)

  •  Randy McIntosh - Support to assist in the completion of the final two movements of the "Misa Tariro" Marimba Mass in time for its premier in Fall 2008
  • Betsy Tobin - Creation of "Shadows & Journeys" an outdoor, site-specific multi-media show, to be performed in front of rock walls in Eldorado Canyon State Park, at the Grand Canyon, and in other canyons in the Southwest in the summer of 2008
  • Pearl Ubungen - Support for the creation and production of "Washington Elementary School: Un Recuerdo" a community-based, site-specific dance-theatre work honoring the former "EBW" Escuela Bilingue Washington at Cedar and Broadway, Boulder, CO
  • Boulder Ballet - Support for its innovative "Sunday in the Park” - a joyful summer evening of exceptional excerpts from the 2007-08 season
  • Boulder Chamber Orchestra - Support for  pre-concert outreach programs, "The Art of Tango"
  • Boulder Chorale, Inc. - Support for collaboration with CO MahlerFest in persenting a very rarely performed piece, "Das Klagende Lied"
  • Boulder Youth Symphony - Support to underwrite a concert featuring close to 100 students in three orchestras and chamber ensembles
  • Danse Etoile - Funding to help offset the cost of space rental for its new world-premier ballet, "Happily Ever After"
  • Many Mountains Moving - Support for the operation of the Many Mountains Moving Literary Salons
  • Interweave Dance Theatre of Boulder, Inc. - Funding to pay artistic personnel participating in our 28th annual summer concert
  • Lafayette Pro Musica Chamber Orchestra - Support for regional premier of Osvaldo Golijov's cantata, "Oceana" in a collaborative concert with Ars Nova Singers 

BCAA/Addison Mini Grant ($500 Summer 2007)

  • Ken Bernstein - Funding for performance of Boy-Girl Band w/ 3rd Law Dance/Theatre
  • Palette Art Gallery of Nederland - "Art for the Holidays" art gallery sale
  • Elizabeth Black - Phase One: The Re-photographic Survey of 10 irrigation ditches in the City and County of Boulder.
  • Angela Simmons -Funding for film and dance collaboration
  • Lafayette Pro Musica Chamber Orchestra -Assist in hiring soloist Yumi Hwang-Williams for Nov 11, 07 concert
  • Boulder Chamber Orchestra - Support for Youth-In-Tune educational program
  • Alirio Silva -Funding for Afro - Brazilian production of folkloric music and dance: Festas Cultural Do Brasil
  • Boulder Ensemble Theatre Company - Production of Michael Frayn's 2000 Tony Award winning play Copenhagen
  • Notes at 9,000 - Emerging Artist Series: Visual recital and drawing to music workshop presented in collaboration with the Mahler Festival

2007 Milash Representational Painter Award Recipient ($1000)

  • Ken Bernstein

Spring 2007 Neodata Endowment Recipients; General Operating Support and Fellowships in Theatre and Film ($1000 each)

  • Artwalk Longmont
  • Coal Creek Community Theater
  • Colorado Shakespeare Festival
  • Lemon Sponge Cake Contemporary Ballet
  • Longmont Chorale
  • Colorado Mahler Fest
  • Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Boulder Bach Festival
  • Longmont Jazz Association
  • Longmont Council for the Arts (LCA)
  • Old Firehouse Art Center
  • Richard Bell - Theatre Fellowship
  • Evert Brown - Film Fellowship
  • Fran Hall Film Festival - Film Fellowship

Winter 2007 Addison Mini-Grant Recipients ($500 each)

  • Evelyn Bassoff - Sudanese Faces, a visual arts project to celebrate Lost Boys and Girls of Sudan
  • Gemma Wilcox - Performances in retirement communities in Boulder
  • Louisville Art Association - Support for the Tactile and Art Challenge Show
  • Longmont Chorale - Purchase musical score for Levin Edition of Mozart's Requiem Mass
  • Emma Hardy - Funding for, "Heart of the Playa" - multiple life-size figures in various stages of emotional/physical transformation as they arrive at a mirrored central point
  • Viki Psihoyos - Support for Bach2Brazil project
  • Society for Creative Aging - Funds to cover facilitator/lecturer/rental costs for Artist as Mentor Lecture Series
  • Fran Hall Film Festival - Funds to support repair of film and transfer to DVD to be shown as part of Boulder Public Library film series
  • Flowering Bones Vocal Ensemble - Funds to support countywide performances in May 2007

Fall 2006 Neodata Endowment Recipients ($1000 each)

  • SoYoung Lee - Funding for Bach2Brazil Chamber Ballet production
  • Frequent Flyers Productions, Inc. - Support for "Theatre of the Vampires" at Macky Auditorium in 2007
  • Boulder Chorale, Inc. - Support for 4/28/07 concert w/ the Boulder Phil
  • Boulder Ballet - "Sunday in the Park" a summer evening of exceptional excerpts from the 2006-7 season, at the Band Shell
  • Adjei Abankwah - Funding for the 4th annual BaoBao Festival
  • Jennifer Heath - Support for anthology titled, "Uncontained: Writers & Photographers in the Garden and Margins"
  • Boulder International Fringe Festival - Support for the Fringe's year-round arts salon
  • Isolde Hathaway - Support for mentoring youth spoken word artists and performance w/ the Denver Slam Team
  • Danse Etoile - Support for new ballet, "Legends from Abroad"
  • Boulder Youth Symphony - Support for Spring 2007 concert
  • Citizens Community TV - Support for Local Musicians Showcase
  • Gemma Wilcox - Funding for creation of new show, "Theatre for Life in Community"
  • Colorado Mahler Fest - Support for Mahler Fest XX
  • Boulder Ensemble Theatre Company - Funding for spring 2007 production of, "A Shanley, Shanley Night"

Summer 2006 Addison Mini-Grant Recipients ($500 each)

  • Rebecca Jessup - Support for staging a public play reading of a work by two emerging Boulder Playwrights
  • Rocky Dialogues - Outreach program to bring films and discussions to Boulder County Communities
  • Paul Barchilon - Islamic art workshops for 7th graders in Lafayette
  • Laura Bruno Lilly - Funding to finish recording, mixing, mastering of debut CD
  • Longmont Jazz Association - Funding to support the 8th annual Longmont Jazz Festival
  • Boulder Chamber Orchestra - Support for dynamic educational program, "Youth in Tunes"
  • New Twenty-Two Productions, Inc. - Support for one-Act playwriting Competition

2006 Milash Representational Painter Award Recipient ($1000)

  • Dawn Howkinson Siebel

Spring 2006 Neodata Endowment Recipients ($1000 each):

  • Art Lande - Music fellowship
  • Mark Ducharme - Literature Fellowship
  • Third Law Dance Theatre, Inc. - Funds to purchase an LCD Audiovisual Projector for use in concerts and rehearsals
  • Boulder Arts Academy - Funding to expand Music Division offerings
  • Old Firehouse Art Center - General operating and administrative support
  • Coal Creek Community Theatre - Funding to support top quality shows
  • Rocky Mountain Center for the Musical Arts - World Series Concerts, featuring music from around the world
  • Boulder Chorale - Operating support for 40th anniversary concert

Winter 2006 Addison Mini-Grant Recipients ($250-500 each)

  • Adjei Abankwah - Funding to produce the 3rd annual BaoBao Festival
  • Mechak Center for Contemporary Tibetan Art - Funds to communicate w/ & recruit Tibetan artists around the world
  • Gemma Wilcox - Support for creation of 4th theatrical chapter of multi-character, one-woman show
  • Longmont Concert Band - Funding to pay for music rehearsal space
  • Jurgen Bank - Financing to produce 2000 digital printouts of visitors to the mall which will become part of an exhibit & will later be mailed to the participants
  • Laura A. Tyler - Funds to edit "Sister Bee" a documentary about women bee-keepers in Boulder County
  • Mollie Fager - Support for an open poetry reading series
  • Michael Brody - Funding to digitize sound tapes onto DVD for editiing of feature film
  • Cecilia J. Pang - Support for creation of documentary on artistic mothers
  • Bob Douglas - Funding to support photographic essay titled, "Dear Dad"

Fall 2005 Neodata Endowment Recipients

  • John King - For the Lyons Sculpture Trail
  • Adjei Abankwah - Funding to produce the 3rd annual Baobao festival
  • Susan Marie Frontczak - Support for the development of a Living History of Eleanor Roosevelt
  • Jack Collom -  To busk poetry (mine or collaborations, on the spot, on request) on the Boulder Downtown Mall, with a sign and a pad of copy-making paper, 20 times, one to two hours each, make a book, give a reading
  • Elizabeth J. Black - Funding for printing costs associated w/ 2006 Eccentric Artist's Garden Exhibit & Tour
  • Boulder Ballet - Funding to support "Sunday in the Park", a summer evening of dance in downtown Boulder's Central Park
  • Ars Nova Singers - Collaboration between Ars Nova Singers and Frequent Flyers Productions Aerial Dance Theatre, two productions May 2006 at Macky Auditorium in Boulder
  • Lyons Arts & Humanities Council - Funding for, "The Clarifier: Collaborative Public Art Workshops" to benefit the Lyons community
  • Lemon Sponge Cake Contemporary Ballet - World premier of "BluePrints" at the Chautauqua Summer Festival August 2006
  • Interweave Dance Theatre of Boulder, Inc. - Funding to help pay choreographers and dancers participating in 26th annual summer concert
  • Lafayette Community Players - Support for the Frankenstein Experiment - 12 newly commissioned plays inspired by Mary Shelley's novel. Collaboration between LCP & Lafayette Library
  • Danse Etoile - funding to help offset the cost of space rental for rehearsing and performing its new world-premier ballet, "The Snow Maiden", Feb. 2006

Summer 2005 BCAA/Addison Mini-Grant Recipients ($500 each)

  • Society for Creative Aging - To cover facilitator and material costs for new SCA workshop
  • Emily Takahashi - For a memorial concert for Charles David Keeling
  • Karen Foley - To purchase audio equipment for production of audio documentaries
  • Robynn Butler - For funds to produce multimedia presentation of S. African orphanage
  • Art as Action - For funding to host 5 collaborative Art Jams
  • Kathleen Man - For funding to finish documentary on child trafficking & sexual slavery in Nepal
  • Shakespeare Oratorio Society - For tech support for 4 free performances at CU of Spring 2006 production of Twelfth Night for young audiences
  • Ellen Orleans - To support Write of Way: East Boulder County Teen Writing Workshop
  • Evelyn Bassoff - For funds to purchase art materials

2005 Milash Award Recipient ($1000)

  • Elizabeth Black

Spring 2005 Neodata Endowment Recipients ($900 & $1,000 each)

  • Rocky Mountain Center for Musical Arts - $1000 for 2005-06 interactive, intergenerational and affordable World Series Concerts, featuring music from around the world.
  • Rocky Mountain Revels - $900 for 2005 Christmas Revels show.
  • Colorado Shakespeare Festival - $1000 to Support the 2005 season.
  • Longmont Council for the Arts (LCA) - $1000 to help purchase film projection equipment for the Longmont Film Festival.
  • Onye P. Ozuzu - $1000 to assist in general operations.
  • The Dairy Center for the Arts, Inc. - for general operating support.

Fellowship Recipients

  • Elizabeth Elting ($1000)
  • Sweet Edge ($900)
  • Taps are Talking, Inc. ($900)
  • Aircat, LCC ($1000)
  • Crites Studio/Gayle Crites ($1000)

Winter 2005 BCAA/Addison Mini-Grant Recipients ($500 each)

  • Elizabeth J. Black - A show of new Boulder County "Lane-Use" paintings with public voting for the "best" one to be reproduced; and reproduction of 5 paintings for permanent display at Park Central Buildin
  • Danse Etoile - Rehearsal space rental for the next production of Cinderella Ballet.
  • JoAn Segal - A one-woman show, autobiographical, including dance, songs, jokes stories, poetry, and thoughts about life and death.
  • Sheldon Sands - Support for concert with Israeli/Iraqi musician Yari Dalal and special guest artists, highlighting Judoe/Arab Music from Iraq.
  • Kayanne Pickens-Solem - Request for funding Poetry Series at the Ward Public Library.
  • Gretchen King - Support with materials, framing and publicity for show in Polly Addison Gallery.
  • Blue Marmot Press - Launch support for Blue Marmot Review.
  • John King - Lyons sculpture trail.
  • Separation Anxiety - Support for production and publicity of a concert of modern dance and electroacoutistic music.

2005 SCFD Recipients (sponsored by BCAA)

  • Shakespeare Oratorio Society
  • Oddball Players
  • ACME Presents
  • Camp Merveilles
  • HAAN Dances/Sound Circle
  • Colorado Film Society
  • Shoot Out Boulder
  • Boulder Jewish Festival
  • Joanna Rotkin
  • Emilie Upczak
  • EcoArts
  • Open Door Dance
  • Stacey Steers

Fall 2004 Neodata Endowment Recipients ($1,000 Grants)

  • Boulder Chorale for Mozart Requiem performance.
  • Elizabeth McNutt for two concerts of contemporary chamber music.
  • Longmont Symphony Orchestra to support their community outreach program.
  • Adjei Abankwah to support the 2nd Baobao Festival.
  • Frequent Flyers Productions, Inc. for support for the 7th annual Aerial Dance Festival.
  • Open Door Dance Theater for April 2005 performances.
  • Mariposa Collective for "Space Available" dance performance.
  • Nicole Gervace for publication of a book of poetry.
  • Nancy Cranbourn for a solo show based on personal stories & childhood memories.
  • Lemon Sponge Cake Contemp-orary Ballet for support for World Premier of "Vertigo."
  • Pamela Olson for installation and sculpture materials.

Summer 2004 BCAA/Addison Mini-Grant Recipients ($500 each)

  • Sharon Lange for copyright of original music for free public performances with teens.
  • Adjei Abankwah for support of 2nd annual BaoBao Festival, multi-cultural dance and drumming.
  • Rebekah West for purchase of external hard drive and taps to produce art documentaries in Boulder.
  • Joanna Rotkin for dance workshops and performance with elders and teenagers.
  • The Lyric Ensemble for presentation of two concerts at retirement centers.
  • Nicole Gervace for publication of a book of poetry.
  • Betsy Dollar for purchase of porter cable compressor for paper making.
  • Kathleen Spencer Johns for funds to help promote and mount an exhibit of paintings of Ruth, a long-time resident of Boulder.
  • Patricia Holmberg for composition of a piano suite.

2004 Milash Award Recipient ($1,000)

Spring 2004 Neodata Endowment Recipients ($1,000 each)


  • Ana Baer Carrillo - film/video 
  • Betsy Tobin - theater

Operating Support:

  • Boulder Arts Academy
  • Boulder Friends of Jazz
  • Blue Moon Dance Co.
  • Lemon Sponge Cake Contemporary Ballet
  • Old Firehouse Art Center
  • Lafayette Community Players
  • Rocky Mountain Center for Musical Arts to support the acquisition of Steinway 9 concert grand piano.

 Winter 2004 BCAA/Addison Mini-Grant Recipients ($500 each) 

  • Boulder Chorale for chorale concert featuring music by local composers.
  • Patricia Irby for funding a multi-arts summer camp for children living in foster care.
  • Lyons Artique for an art walk and studio tour in Lyons.
  • Joshua Eagle Bows to produce a Ward community musical album.
  • Cathy Gauch for a dance performance at the Dairy Center.
  • Alfredo de la Rosa to print digital images for aging and creativity exhibit.
  • Everything Possible for community-based film festival.
  • Boulder Musicians Cooperative for online musicians cooperative community resource.
  • Art as Action for multidisciplinary performance at The Dairy Center titled "Citizen of the Earth."

2004 SCFD Recipients (sponsored by BCAA)

  • Lyons Artique
  • Now Or Never Theatre
  • Boulder Jewish Festival
  • Nancy Cranbourne
  • Jack Ekin Photography
  • Mary Johnston & Rebecca Lawrence
  • Lemon Sponge Cake Contemporary Ballet
  • Many Mountains Moving
  • Halau Hula O Na Mauna Komohana
  • Sound Circle
  • Maria Patricia Tinajero-Baker

Winter 2003 BCAA/Addison Mini-Grant Recipients ($500 each)

  • Sally Mier - "Art of the Divine Feminine" group exhibit The Dairy.
  • Blue Moon Dance Co. - artistic supplies and tech support for performance.
  • East Boulder County Artists - postage for annual studio tour mailing. 
  • SoYoung Lee - celli and piano chamber music at The Dairy.
  • Mary Johnston - an anthology of children's poetry from workshops at the Ward Public Library.
  • Lafayette Community Players - creation of scenic elements for The Tempest.
  • Many Mountains Moving - digital video camera to record and archive salon readings and other events.
  • Yuki Ojika to rent space for rehearsal of choreography.
  • Cathy Magnifico Powers & Candace Shepard - artist fees for Lyons Mural Project.
  • United Black Women of Boulder Valley -- Afro/Latin dance festival.

Spring 2003 BCAA/Neodata Grant Recipients ($800 each)

  • Jack Collom Literature Fellowship
  • Elizabeth McNutt Music Fellowship
  • Dairy Center for the Arts operating support
  • Rocky Mountain Center for Musical Arts operating support
  • Old Firehouse Art Center operating support

2003 Milash Award Recipient ($1000)

  • Buff Elting

Summer 2003 BCAA/Addison Mini-Grant Recipients ($500 each)

  • Adrienne DeForrest paintings of the Ward community.
  • Colorado Mahler Festival "Visualizing Mahler" educational DVD.
  • Early Music Colorado 11th annual fall festival of early music.
  • Lemon Sponge Cake Contemporary Ballet sound system for new dance studio at The Dairy Center for the Arts
  • Malia Thompson of "etc." exhibit at Old Firehouse Art Center, Longmont.
  • Mont Alto Orchestra perform music at silent film screenings in Louisville and Lafayette.
  • Sharon Lange teach music classes to at-risk youth in Boulder County.
  • Victoria Psihoyos chamber ballet of the music of Leos Janacek at The Dairy Center for the Arts.
  • Shannon Jellison production of "Venus" at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art.

Fall 2003 BCAA/Neodata Endowment Recipients ($700-$1,000)

  • Interweave Dance Theatre annual summer dance concert.
  • Colorado Mahler Fest purchase of a string orchestra composition.
  • Frequent Flyers Productions, Inc. 6th annual "Aerial Dance Festival" 2004.
  • Jack Collom creative writing classes in local public schools.
  • Many Mountains Moving 2004 monthly literary salon at BMoCA.
  • Longmont Council for the Arts funding artist in residence program in St. Vrain Valley School District.
  • Carmen Nelson for Afro-Latin dance festival (classes and performance).
  • Ethelyn Friend musical theatre production.
  • Early Music Colorado celtic roots concert and artist in residence program.
  • Cha Cha artist garden tour and photography exhibit.
  • Third Law Dance/Theater performance of "Bread and Salt."

2003 Neodata Endowment Distribution ($3,820 each)

  • Boulder County Arts Alliance
  • Colorado Music Festival
  • KGNU
  • PeakArts for general operating support.

2003 SCFD Recipients (sponsored by BCAA)

Adjei Abankwah, Aeolian Art & Music Institution, Jennifer Assman, Jessica Berstein, Boulder County Mestizo Partnership, Boulder Jewish Community Foundation, Sue Coffee, Miriam Denham, Jack Ekin, Rebekah West, Many Mountains Moving, Sally Mier, Lyra Mayfield, Rob McWilliams, Marcela Ot'alora, Miriam Paisner, Rocky Mountain Revels, and Carmela Weber.

Winter 2002 BCAA/Addison Mini-Grant Recipients

  • Boulder Youth Symphony $337 for rent/purchase of music for Spring 2002 concert
  • Early Music Colorado $500 for partial funding of Red Cedar Chamber Music concert, Spring 2002
  • Shara Brun $331 for original music composition and performance
  • Mary Johnston $500 for children's literacy program at Ward Public Library
  • John McGee $500 to photograph orphanages/communities in China
  • Orfeo $500 for original chorale work and concert
  • Melody Reeves $500 for multimedia exhibit "Of Work and Earth" at the Old Firehouse Art Center, Longmont
  • Aprylisa Snyder $331 for puppets for processing of the species parade at Creek Festival
  • Laura Tyler $500 for experimental film of women beekeepers in Boulder County
  • Gail Wagner and Wendy Clough $500 for "Flora and Fauna" exhibit of contemporary painting

Fall 2002 BCAA/Neodata Recipients ($800)

  • ArtsBridge Exhibition costs for student art show. ArtsBridge is a community service learning program that engages public school children (k-12) in hands-on arts education.
  • Frequent Flyer Productions, Inc Frequent Flyer Productions request support for the fifth annual "Aerial Dance Festival 2003" toward community outreach,marketing, technical production and artists fees.
  • Interweave Dance Theater Funding is requested to help pay choreographers and dancers participating in our 24th annual summer concert, "Just Jazz." We will present two performances, 2 pm and 8 pm, on August 2, 2003 at the Irey Theater on the CU Campus.
  • Colorado Mahler Fest This is for Mahler Fest XVI, January 2003. BCAA funds would help support the two free chamber concerts, the free symposium, and the two-ticketed concerts at Macky Auditorium.
  • Third Law Dance/Theatre Sweet And Sour is a new single theme, evening length work that will be choreographed, and produced by Third Law Dance/Theater. This concert is slated for October 2003 at the Dairy Center for the Arts.

2002 Neodata Endowment Distribution ($1,306)

  • Boulder County Arts Alliance
  • Colorado Music Festival
  • KGNU
  • PeakArts for general operating support.

2002 SCFD Recipients (sponsored by BCAA)

Aeolian Art & Music Institution, Jennifer Assman, Jessica Bernstein, Ken Bernstein, Boulder County Mestizo Partnership, Boulder County's Community Music School, Boulder Jewish Community Foundation, Sue Coffee, Miriam Denham, Jack Ekin, Many Mountains Moving, Carolyn Mayfield, Rob McWilliams, Marcela Ot'alora, Tito Quintana, Ellie Sciarra, Rocky Mountain Revels, Science Discovery, Sue Schnitzer, Mary Wallace, Carmela Weber, Rebekah West

 2002 Milash Award Recipient

  • Robert Spellman - Art instructor at Naropa University

Summer 2002 BCAA/Addison Mini-Grant Recipients ($500)

  • Boulder Friends of Jazz, Inc. "Jazz in the Schools" project
  • Center Stage Youth Theatre Co Purchase of two bundary condenser microphones.
  • Rachel Fetler Produce performance of PDQ Bach's comic opera "The Stoned Guest"
  • Lemon Sponge Cake Dance performance of "Strange Lands" at The Dairy Center.
  • Maria Patricia 'Tinajero-Baker Complete art exhibit about house and home in regards to identity.
  • William R. 'Vielehr Materials to create sculpture for Dairy exhibit.
  • Mary Wallace Present an opera/jazz concert at Boulder Public Library.
  • Xochitl 'Zamora-Thompson Buy fans, traditional hats, and fabric for flamenco costumes and CD editing software for expanding repertoire.
  • Lynn Patrick CD release concert.

Spring 2002 BCAA/Neodata Grant Recipients

  • Carmela Weber $1,500 Dance Fellowship
  • Martha Russo $1,500 Visual Arts Fellowship
  • Rick Visser $1,000 Visual Arts Fellowship
  • Boulder Youth Symphony $1,000 for operating support
  • Many Mountains Moving $1,000 for operating support to develop existing monthly literary salon and host more frequent readings
  • Dairy Center for the Arts $1,000 for operating support
  • Rocky Mountain Center for Musical Arts $1,000 to purchase percussion instruments and equipment
  • Sound Circle $1,000 for operating support                   

Fall 2001 BCAA/Neodata Grant Recipients

  • Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art $1,000 for support of hands-on art education projects, tours for school children, and BMoCA After Hours program
  • Boulder Municipal Channel 8 $1,000 for production of "Please Don't Eat the Crayons," a series of 4 1/2 hour t.v. programs for children ages 3-8 focusing on the arts
  • Frequent Flyer Productions, Inc. $1,000 for support of their Aerial Dance Festival
  • Lemon Sponge Cake Contemporary Ballet - $1,000 for dance performance at the Dairy Center for the Arts
  • MahlerFest $1,000 for production of MahlerFest XV featuring the work of Gustav Mahler
  • Old Firehouse Art Center $1,000 for 2002 exhibit season
  • Constance Oehring $1,000 for Cannon Mine Reading Series
  • Julie Poitras Santos $1,000 for purchase of materials for "Gravity/Levity" exhibit at the Dairy Center for the Arts
  • Michelle Ellsworth Spencer $1,000 for new performance piece for "Dress" 

Summer 2001 BCAA/Addison Mini-Grant Recipients

  • Boulder Conservatory Theater $320 for purchase of wireless intercom headsets
  • Colorado Spirit! Chorus $400 to cover transportation costs for senior citizens to attend their annual show in November 2001
  • Colorado Writer's Conference $500 to publish book of stories and essays of Winter 2002 workshop participants
  • Toby Hankin $500 for theater rental for solo music performance
  • Kristine Kowalski $500 for exhibit of Boulder artists working in collaboration entitled "Artful Quartet"
  • The Pottery Studio $500 to purchase new kiln
  • Silk Road Middle Eastern Dance Theater $500 for video production of Silk Road performances to be aired on CATV and at Boulder County libraries
  • Patricia Tinajero-Baker $380 for art exhibit around issues of homeless people in Boulder
  • Beth Krensky $400 to create documentation for the "Story Quilt" public art piece
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