Bot Stories: Boulder

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   When Gary Hirsch came up with the Bots, he imagined a figurine that could put you in that happy state of mind, as well as connecting people through the internet to share their experiences. Since May of 2014, this fun location sets the mood for veiwers to ineract, share ideas, and to possibly inspire eachother or one another. The exhibit also challenges the audience to get your picture taken with the bot, while trying to come up with an answer to the particular question of each Bot. After you come up with an answer, post it to social media sites with the picture including facebook, instagram, or twitter etc. with the hashtag #botstories and continue to see other peoples asnwers to thier Bot. As the stories and answers grow so do the number of people that take envolvement with the Bots. This is a temporary exhibition, with no particular expiration date, make sure an check it out before it gets taken down.

Partners: Boulder Digital Works, Boulder Muesem of Contemporary Art, Boulder Farmers Market and the City of Boulder 

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Artist   Gary Hirsch
Collection   Bot Stories of Boulder
Address   1708 13th st, Boulder, Colorado
Artwork Type   Painting, Historic/cultural art, Mural
Placement   Bike path, Outdoors, Public building, Roadway
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Crystal Polis
crystalpolis's picture

The Bots mural was removed on 9/23/2016 to make way for a new mural on that site by Rafael Lopez. The Bots artist Gary Hirsch told the City of Boulder he understood the temporary nature of installations, much like in an art gallery, and welcomes the new mural.

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