Jacques Cousteau Meets Dr. Sueus

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“Jacque Cousteau meets Dr. Seuss”

Annette Coleman created this work of art to honor all community members that suffered from the flood in 2013. She enlisted the public in the actual creation of this work at a public event where children and adults could smash the tile with hammers and place the pieces in position. This event is a LaunchPad program by the NoBo Art District called ‘Habitat for Artists’, showing the public by engagement how little space is needed for creation and art dialog. All materials were donated and or upcycled.

With gratitude and support from:

The Martha Kate Thomas Fund for Artists,, A fund of the Community Foundation Serving Boulder County
Boulder County Arts Alliance

Jeff Gaines, Fire And Earth Ceramics

Habitat For Artists, A LaunchPad project of the NoBo Art District

Lucky’s Market

Parrish Construction & FigLeif

Annette Coleman, Artist dedicates this work of art
to all community members that suffered from
the flood in 2013. May we all heal stronger together.


Annette Coleman, 303-941-8887


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Jacque Cousteau Meets Dr. Seuss
Details[Edit This]
Artist   Annette Coleman
Collection   Jacque Cousteau Meets Dr. Seuss
Address   3960 Broadway Street, Boulder, Colorado
Artwork Type   Mural
Placement   Courtyard
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