Hitch Gallery Opening - IPO

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Hitch Gallery hits the road with its inaugural exhibition and public reception on Wednesday, September 9, 2015 from 7-8pm in the parking lot of Gateway Fun Park at 4800 28th Street.

Hitch Gallery is an artist-driven experimental exhibition space attached to the back of local artist Clay Hawkley’s 2006 Subaru. With grant support from Boulder Arts Commission and Boulder County Arts Alliance, Hawkley designed and fabricated Hitch Gallery from a standard cargo carrier to create a gallery space that disrupts how and where art exists and provides a new environment for artists, makers and thinkers to show their work.

Hawkley says, “Hitch Gallery is an opportunity to see art differently. It is not a contained, fixed or retail idea. I see it parked, stuck in traffic, at 75 mph and late to work. Exhibiting works will be in front of people at completely unexpected times and places. There are potentials here that add to what I think art can be.”

The first exhibition, titled IPO, is Hawkley’s own. IPO kicks off as a set of ratchet straps built into the gallery wall. During the 30-day exhibition Hawkley will collect and strap found materials to the gallery as a working composition of the exhibition’s travels. When possible, additions will be made in the open where the materials are found. An evolving catalog of images will be posted to the gallery’s Instagram page and hitchgallery.com.

Hitch Gallery was created to bring contemporary art and ideas to the masses. Built for 2D and 3D works, the gallery will host three annual exhibitions on a 30-day, 24/7 schedule. Applicants are invited to submit proposals for $5 per entry. Each selected applicant will receive the open call proceeds in a “winner take all” distribution. Artists and non-artists are encouraged to apply. Visit hitchgallery.com for exhibition opportunities and upcoming openings.

 Clay Hawkley is a mixed-media artist who lives and works in Boulder, Colorado. Hawkley combines a fabricator’s skill set with a fine art education to create open-ended investigations of found objects, collage, painting, drawing and installation. His work has been shown in exhibitions throughout Colorado since 2006. More of Hawkley's recent work is available at clayhawkley.com.

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Artist   Clay Hawkley
Collection   Clay Hawkley
Address   4800 28th St., Boulder, Colorado
Artwork Type   Mobile
Placement   Open space
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