Shared art studio space for rent

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Hello fellow artists,

I use one of the rooms in my condo in Gunbarrel as an art studio. I'm looking to cut down expenses, so I am renting that room as "shared space" for an artist. For $400 per month, you would be able to use it (alone) 7 days a week, any time *before 7pm*.  I only paint at night, so that way you and I would not be trying to share the room at the same time of day. I keep my supplies in there, and if you want to, you could also store yours there (separately from mine).

The rest of the condo is my normal living space, but a bathroom with closed door separates the art room from the rest of the condo. I live with cats and a senior Golden Retriever, but they are not allowed into the art room.

You will have free access to high-speed wifi, outlets, and a bathroom, including toilet and sink.

I paint with oils but use *no* solvents, and I also work in soft pastel, and cold wax. You may use almost any media you like in the room, but absolutely no solvents of any kind (because of my sensitivity to fumes and toxicity)--not even "less harmful" solvents such as Turpenoid.

Sorry, the space is not appropriate for noisy art creation (e.g., hammers, saws), since it is a residential space, and I live/sleep in the other part of the condo. I sleep through the early afternoon.

No smoking of any kind, no drugs, etc.

Also, no encaustic (hot wax) or other medium which produces potentially dangerous conditions.

It's not a huge room, but for just one artist at a time (i.e., you *or* I at any given time), it's fine as long as you don't need to work huge. The natural light in the room is fantastic--there are very large windows everywhere and partial cathedral ceiling. There is no air conditioning, but the windows open and I keep a small fan in there; you could bring a fan, too.

Let me know if you might be interested.

What   Space Available, Visual Art
When   month to month
Where   Gunbarrel, White Rock Cir, Boulder, CO
Cost   $400

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