Nisiitenoot Nii'eihiiho (The Eagle Catcher)

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Nisiitenoot Nii'eihiiho or "The Eagle Catcher" is a wooden carving by Eddie Running Wolf. Located on 2nd and Niwot streets. The wood carving depicts a young warrior catching an eagle. 


"Eagles are revered as very holy and as the sun bird by the Plains Indians. Eagle feathers are as the rays of the sun and when worn or carried as in a fan, the feathers establish a connection between the individual and the Great Spirit, making the individual as holy as the bird. The capture of eagles awas a sacred act. Despite the danger, the yuong warriors caught the birds with their bare hands, uring the bird with bait and pulling it into a camouflaged pit. The Arapahos took the bird's tail feathers and then released it. Translation: 'one who catches eagles'. The Word NII'EIEM (singular form) means 'bird' generally, but 'eagle' in particular." 


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Details[Edit This]
Artist   Eddie Running Wolf
Collection   Niwot town
Address   2nd and Niwot Streets, Niwot , Colorado
Artwork Type   Sculpture, Wood carving
Placement   Outdoors, Roadway
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