Learning Dog Dance: A Dance Workshop

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In this dance workshop, the noise quiets and the remembering of a body unfolds -- slowly, extremely slowly, and with breath. Gravity, and your own relationship to it, may or may not become weighty. The cellular structure of your own body may or may not begin to re-imagine itself. The internal investigation of the deepest parts of the body may or may not stir a longing in you to investigate your own unraveling.

When you enter into this world of the body unfolding, what is inside of you and what is outside of you, becomes the same.  My hope is that this body, YOUR body -- that is underneath the mud, but that is also flyiny -- gets a chance to burrow in, and then hover and float, just above the earth.

"There is no place I would rather be." -- Paulette



What   Classes/Workshops, Dance
When   Saturdays: Nov 18th and/or Dec 16th, 2017
Where   Boulder Circus Center, 4747 N. 26th Steet, Boulder, CO
Cost   $120 for both workshops, $70 for just one.
Contact   joanna@joannaandtheagitators.com
Website   joannaandtheagitators.com

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