Drawing Mandalas

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Creating mandalas, which means “sacred circle” in Sanskrit, is an ancient art form. Although popularly associated with Eastern religions, mandalas have been used for many purposes by a variety of cultures. For example, psychoanalyst Carl Jung said of mandalas that they symbolize "a safe refuge of inner reconciliation and wholeness”, and he believed that his own mandala paintings helped him work toward an integration of personality. The focus of this workshop is to tap into that meditative aspect of the mandala in an accessible way, drawing from the patterns you didn’t even know you had in your head. Local artist Janet Strickler has a wealth of information to share about creating mandalas. She’s made a lifetime study of art history throughout the world, and has been influenced by such diverse objects as medieval manuscripts and architecture, American quilts, Australian aboriginal paintings, Byzantine mosaics, and the decorative traditions of India and the Middle East. The goal of her own art making is to create a beautiful, harmonious, and peaceful environment. Join Janet to work on creating your own original mandala, which you can choose to color or not. For Janet, drawing mandalas is all about quieting down and having something beautiful at the end.  

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What   Classes/Workshops, Visual Art
When   Saturday, March 3, 12:30pm-4:30pm
Where   Two Hands Paperie, 803 Pearl Street, Boulder, CO
Cost   $80
Contact   303-444-0124
Website   twohandspaperie.com/drawing-mandalas-new-class-march-3/

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