Letterpress - Introduction to Metal Type

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Letterpress is a form of printing characterized by the crisp, textural impression it creates on paper. We love, love, love letterpress! Its elegant and expressive imprint has a unique look and feel that appeals to the senses. What better way to learn this nostalgic method of printing than on a 2500-pound, vintage press? Think of the stories it could tell! Carolyn Sweeney, owner of Black Dog Press, delights in using her press to teach others the art of letterpress. She’ll show you how to set old-fashioned metal type by hand. Choose letters from her 30 sets of fonts (Swing, Pastel Open, and Camelot, for example) and decorative accents from her hundreds of printers’ ornaments. Besides type setting, Carolyn will also teach you how to “makeready” the press for a clear impression. Experience a bit of history as you lay out and set your own words into type. Do you know where the expressions “Mind your Ps and Qs” and “I’m out of sorts” come from? Carolyn does! You’ll leave this one-day class with a basic understanding of letterpress printing as well as personalized items – postcards, coasters, stationery, or note cards, for example – that you've designed and printed yourself.

This class is held off site; for more information about what to bring, the Cancellation Policy, and an Instructor Bio, follow the link to our website!

What   Classes/Workshops, Visual Art
When   Saturday, March 17, 10:30am-4pm
Where   Boulder, CO
Cost   $145
Contact   303-444-0124
Website   twohandspaperie.com/letterpress-intro-to-metal-type-class-march-17/

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