Letterpress - Using Polymer Plates

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There’s more to letterpress printing than setting metal type by hand. The use of polymer plates, for example, dramatically expands design possibilities. The plates are created by a manufacturer with a process that translates digital/text files into a three-dimensional plate, which is then used in the press in place of lead type. There’s no letter-by-letter hand setting of metal type involved. In this class with letterpress guru Carolyn Sweeney, you’ll create your own design for printing from her collection of polymer plates. There are hundreds! Carolyn has the plates organized by category: sayings (from endearing to wild and crazy); borders, patterns, and backgrounds; people and children; flowers and landscapes; and things. You can print postcards, coasters, stationery, or note cards, but plates are a fun way to create combo cards with an illustration on the front and a greeting on the inside. The prerequisite for the class is Carolyn’s Introduction to Metal Type class, or else a basic understanding of how type is set and loaded into the chase plus some experience using a platen press.

This class is held off site; for more information about where to meet, what to bring, the Cancellation Policy, and an Instructor Bio, follow the link to our website!

What   Classes/Workshops, Visual Art
When   Saturday, April 14, 10:30am-4pm
Where   Boulder, CO
Cost   $145
Contact   303-444-0124
Website   twohandspaperie.com/letterpress-using-polymer-plates-class-april-14/

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