Big, Big, Big Calligraphy

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This is not the usual calligraphy class. Artist Stan James has pushed the classic forms into something wildly different by playing with the scale of the letters. (It’s hard to believe, but some of his work is done with letters as tall as 6 feet. Check out the Save the Date video he did for a friend’s wedding at Stan teaches traditional calligraphy classes, but he’s found that having students work on a larger scale is an easier place for them to start and is much more fun. For one thing, writing such large letters requires learning how to use the whole arm and hand, which is a key skill. The exaggerated size also requires focusing on letter shapes in a more playful way. Stan starts the class with information on tools (different scale = different tools) and instruction on the basic strokes of the simplified Fraktur alphabet that you’ll use. He’ll also show you a few tricks for creating swoops and flourishes. Then it’s outside, weather permitting, where you’ll warm up by using large brushes and water to draw letters on the sidewalk. The ephemeral nature of the exercise requires you to let go and just do. Back inside you’ll practice a bit more with wide markers before laying down a word or short phrase on artist grade paper. Trust us. Stan’s class is one of the most unusual calligraphy classes around.

For more information about what to bring, the Cancellation Policy, and an Instructor Bio, follow the link to our website!

What   Classes/Workshops, Visual Art
When   Sunday, April 15, Noon-4pm
Where   Boulder, CO
Cost   $85.00
Contact   303-444-0124

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