Assemblage - An Artistic Journey

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Assemblage is three-dimensional art made by grouping unrelated objects. They’re often strange castoffs, small natural wonders, broken bits of this and that, and other odds and ends – the stranger the better. The appeal of assemblage is its seemingly irrational juxtaposition of myriad items. Finished pieces aren’t strictly realistic or abstract; they instead hint at a story or otherworldly adventure. This class is an exploration in combining all possible materials for artistic purposes. Think of misshapen wood, metal, door knobs, rusty nails, broken toys or china, small figures, a bird’s nest – anything that catches your eye! The class focuses on creating a shadow box in the style of Joseph Cornell, an American artist who pioneered assemblage. Carolyn Sweeney, a Two Hands Paperie veteran, will show you techniques for building up, arranging, and layering objects in a reclaimed cigar box to create a miniature tableau. Join her for a journey of pure artistic exploration.

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What   Classes/Workshops, Visual Art
When   Saturday, April 21, 11:30am-4:30pm
Where   Boulder, CO
Cost   $90.00
Contact   303-444-0124

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