Lyons, Past, Present and Future - The Lyons Mural

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The Mural is a community collaboration coordinated by Cathy Rivers and Candace Shepard. With the participation of The GAP Group, The Lyons Golden Gang and many local Lyons Citizens, the mural was envisioned and then created by the community. It depicts an organic, simultaneous history of Lyons through the present into the future. All the events and monuments co-existing at the same time. Over 200 local participants worked on the mural. 

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Details[Edit This]
Artist   Candace Shepard, Cathy Rivers and the Lyons Community
Collection   Town of Lyons
Address   4th Ave and Railroad, Lyons, Colorado
Artwork Type   Ecoart, Graffiti, Historic/cultural art, Mural, Painting
Placement   Bike path, Outdoors, Park, Public building
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