Reading In Spires a NoBo Little Library

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Reading In Spires by Christie Slater and Jonathan Davis of Tinker Art Studio is a sculptural Little Library constructed by stacking cut plywood, glued and sanded to a smooth organic shape, then hollowed out to hold books. Take a book or artwork, return or leave same on honor system. 14th & Yellow Pine Ave. in the Holiday Park

The NoBo Art District

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Reading In Spires not only holds books to read but you can climb on it too!Installation day May 29thNot only can you check out a book art is available to check out too!
Details[Edit This]
Artist   Christie Slater and Jonathan Davis of Tinker Art Studio
Collection   NoBo Art District & Holiday HOA
Address   14th St. & Yellow Pine Ave., Boulder, Colorado
Artwork Type   Sculpture, Wood carving
Placement   Park
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