Worlds Largest Mountain Bike

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Mountain Bike built on a scale of 3:1. Fabricated by Tom McNeil in Littleton. Tubing is 4 1/2 inch, rims rolled from 4" C chanel, Tires are 8 inch rubberized duct hose, Hubs and spokes from a Harley Davidson widened to proper scale. Bike was created to celebrate mans greatest invention. Built on spec to sell for the enjoyment of the public. It May be the most photographed piece in Colorado right now..

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Moving Daytemp site at Verona in Highlands Ranchwants to ride!
Details[Edit This]
Artist   Tom McNeil
Collection   TM DESIGN WORKS in Littleton
Address   Boulder, Colorado
Artwork Type   Sculpture
Placement   Bike path
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Tom McNeil
tbone12's picture

Thinking of adding snow skis to the rear triangle that stick out of pvc tubes, also on a 3:1 scale. Would embody a more year around image of the Colorado lifestyle.

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