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Princples Of Painting: A Workshop Series

★  Class (drop-in) at a Glance
When:  Saturday, Apr. 22nd, 2017 Other Dates
Where:  Art Work Space
Time:  12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Cost:  $200
More Information:  Website


Andrew Marcus, MFA, Instructor

5 Saturdays, April 1-29, 12-2pm, $200


In these classes we will focus on techniques for the evocation of pictorial space, in contrast, for example, to descriptive, or, symbolic space. Since the fundamental challenge of both painting and drawing is to evoke multi-dimensional lived experience within a two-dimensional planar limit of fixed boundary, these techniques apply whether you think of your subject matter as “representational” (figurative) or “abstract” (non-figurative).

Our method is to explore the properties of, and to employ, our materials in service of pictorial dynamics. Relations of color, shape, and tonality, within the limit of the plane, are the primary elements that comprise pictorial dynamics in both painting and drawing. The art of drawing is, simply, a study in attunement to these dynamics. To the degree that one can master the art of drawing, one gains access to the miracle of pictorial space; or, the mystery of light, aliveness, and depth one meets in encounters with true works of art.

What we’ll do and what to bring:

If you wish to bring pre-existing works, we will look at them together as a class, to develop and apply constructively critical strategies toward our own work, and to the work of others. Further, we will apply these perspectives to received art historical narratives. If you wish to paint/draw from life, bring an object or several objects, from which to compose a still life, along with your drawing or painting materials. If you wish to paint/draw abstractly or from memory, just bring your preferred materials. So, class may be a combination of working on our own and looking at and discussing each other’s work. How exactly these processes unfold will evolve in the course of the series, according to participants’ needs, with an eye toward continuing on together..

To register and for questions, please contact Andrew Marcus at

Andrew Marcus grounds a transdisciplinary artistic inquiry in the dual practices of painting and dance performance. His deep commitment to the art of painting spans more than 35 years. From 1976-1980, Marcus studied painting, drawing and photography at the Cooper Union School of Art in New York City. He credits his studies at Cooper with giving him the technical and analytic tools to develop a substantive artistic inquiry, across disciplines. His understanding of the importance of the “frame” and of the particular communicative properties of different art forms dates from these early years. Dialogue between visual and physical expression remains a constant. He holds an MFA in dance and performance from Arizona State University (2008), and has taught in many contexts, including ten years (1992-2001) as adjunct faculty at New York University’s Experimental Theatre Wing.

For new work and a retrospective sampling of Marcus’ drawings and paintings, see: For an installation or emersive environment, see: For the conceptual underpinning of the broader transdisciplinary inquiry, Disappearance, see:, and it’s physically centered pedagogic application: Inquiries:

Saturday, April 22nd, 2017
12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

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Cost: $200

Location:  Map    Weather  
Art Work Space
2810 Wilderness Place
Boulder, CO USA 80301
Website: Click to Visit

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More Information:
Andrew Marcus
Phone: 917-754-7737
Website: Click to Visit

Disciplines: Visual Art
Event Type:
  • Class (drop-in)

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