Public Art in Boulder County


This page shows a list of public artwork in Boulder County, Colorado. Click the title of a piece of artwork to view detailed information.

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Title Description Artist Name City
"Do Something Real..." A mural painted behind the Rec Center depicting two men speaking, one to the other, about needing... Unknown Boulder
"In Memory of Ruth Leinbach" A commemorative boulder (with plaque) and stone seat in memory of Ruth Leinbach. Unknown Boulder
1470 Walnut Sculpturized address for 1470 Walnut. Unknown Boulder
A day in Boulder This beautiful painting is on an electrical box right off of the CU Boulder campus. Unknown Boulder
A Higher Perspective - Boulder Housing Partner Mural Sally went through a rigorous and exciting community jurying process to be awarded the Boulder... Sally Eckert Boulder
Abstract Cube Canvas A graffiti canvas with abstract cube shapes overlapping each other in a 3-D form. Unknown Boulder
Abstract Graffiti Canvas A canvas with a graffiti-like shape on it in vibrant blue, pink, green, and orange. Unknown Boulder
Abstract Spoon Structure A metal structure of some sort with a spoon-like shape resting against a rock. Unknown Boulder
Abstract stone sculpture Abstract stone sculpture behind Ketchum Arts and Sciences on the CU Boulder campus. Unknown Boulder
Abstract wood sculpture Abstract wood sculpture behind Norlin Library and next to Ramaley Biology Building on the CU... Unknown Boulder
An Honored Life A native American man Installed 2005 John Coleman Boulder
Anarcho-feminist graffiti A stencilled piece of Graffiti on a sidewalk on the CU Boulder Campus, representing a symbol of... Unknown Boulder
Animal Sculptures on Pearl Street Four animal sculptures:  Snail, hedgehog, rabbit, frog Unknown Boulder
April Charm Artist Deedee Morrison, Birmingham, Alabama. Made from Limestone, Aluminum and Lucite, and lit from... Deedee Morrison Lafayette
B&W Woman Gorgeous mural THiELKE Boulder
Banned Artist: Jim Small, Baroda, Michigan Date Installed: 2010 Custodian: Lafayette Public Art... Jim Small Lafayette
Basses 2 fish on a fishing shop Installed 2011 Brian Odermatt Boulder
Bike Bath Installed in 2005, the bubbly bicycle racks sit in between the Roosevelt pool and the seasonal... Don Kennel Longmont
Biodiversity Rock A rock with the word "Biodiversity" engraved on it in several different languages outside of the... Unknown Boulder
Bird of Paradise This stone sculpture by James Villanova is located in the St. Stephens Plaza on 5th and Main street... James Villanova Longmont
Bird Woman Native American Woman R. V. Greeves Boulder
Bitoheinen (Spear Lodge Man) Bitoheinen or "Spear Lodge Man" is a wooden carving by Eddie Running Wolf. Located on 2nd and Niwot... Eddie Running Wolf Niwot
Black Alley Mural Elaborate mural on the wall of an alley. Unknown Boulder
Bot Stories: Boulder    When Gary Hirsch came up with the Bots, he imagined a figurine that could put you in... Gary Hirsch Boulder
Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse Artist Haydar Mirakhmatov is from Tajikistan and is leading the restoration process. Haydar is the... Haydar Mirakhmatov Boulder
Boulder Sister Cities Mosaics (set 1) Square mosaic tiles in Boulder's Sister City Plaza. Set 1 includes Dushanbe, Lhasa, and Yamagata... Unknown Boulder
Boulder Sister Cities Mosaics (set 2) Square mosaic tiles in Boulder's Sister City Plaza. Set 2 includes Kisumu, Mante, and Jalapa tiles. Unknown Boulder
Boulder Sister Cities Mosaics (set 3) Square mosaic tiles in Boulder's Sister City Plaza. Set 3 includes Sister Cities International and... Unknown Boulder
Brasserie Ten Ten Alley Located alongside Brasserie Ten Ten, this alley has multiple arches that span the walkway. At the... Unknown Boulder
Bronze Cat Bronze Cat sculpture. Unknown Boulder
Buffalo Stencil A blue stencil outline of Ralphie the Buffalo, the mascot of the University of Colorado at Boulder... Unknown Boulder
Bugs Bunny Painted mural on a brick wall depicts Bugs Bunny making the peace sign and holding a guitar. ... Belcas Boulder
Bull Elk Bronze bull elk sculpture, on Pearl Street, looking over the mall. Jim Agius Boulder
Center of Boulder Mural on Grove Street Jan Burch Boulder
Charles Sawtelle Bench A bench at Chautauqua park in Boulder with a quote by guitarist Charles Sawtelle, resting on a... Unknown Boulder
Chauncy An outlandish rabbit Installed 2005 Jim Budish Boulder
Checkmate A horse and rider capturing a wild horse.  Dedicated September 1995 Herb Mignery Boulder
Cheif Niwot Chief Niwot kneels on his proper right knee with his proper right arm resting on his proper right... Thomas Meagher Miller Boulder
Cherry Blossom Tree A cherry blossom tree running up the side of a parking garage post in the parking lot of Freaky's... Unknown Boulder
Chinese Dragon Another massive and incredibly detailed mural on the side of a public building on Pearl Street.... Unknown Boulder
City of Color An electrical box with a beautiful painting over it just off campus.  Unknown Boulder
Coal Camp Chores Two children filling a sack with pieces of coal. Sculpture.  "Max" Superior
Continuous Form Flowing white statue In memory of Charles A Haertling John Haertling Boulder
Correspondence This is a scultpure of two beams that are together able to hold a beam overhead. D.Yoshikawa Wright Boulder
Correspondence Tripartite construction with columnar pieces and horizontal bar. 1986. Dedicated May 7, 1986... D.Yoshikawa Wright (1951- Boulder
Coyote Mural A mural with a pack of five coyotes in front of their rocky den.  The mural is beside a bridge... Lilian Kennedy Boulder
Cultural Pedestrians Grouping of concrete and steel vertical sculptures with faces on each. Sue Quinlan Boulder
Dance Since 2005, Art in Public Places has exhibited three to ten works of art by Colorado artists in... Janet Sellers Longmont
Double Arc Abstract, geometric marble round sculpture, hollowed out partially on both sides. Commissioned Feb... Jerry Wingren (1939- Boulder
Down on the Farm Installed in 2016 as part of Longmont's Art in Public Places public art project, Shock Art. Shock... Lisa Marie Michot Longmont
Dragonfly/Giraffe Windmill shaped like a dragonfly/giraffe. John King Boulder
Ekstrand Sculpture The Ekstrand Sculpture Plaza, located at the south entrance to Old Main in the heart of the... George Lundeen Boulder
Emotional Bouquet A large canvas with faces and abstract lines on the side of a building (Freaky's Theater) on The... Unknown Boulder
Epic This Stone tower is covered in different shapes and colors of glass. Made by Mike Juarez, it is... MIke Juarez Longmont
Eternal Solitude On the backside of a restaurant, this takes up the entire backside of the building.  Unknown Boulder
Evolution An installation of four sculptural elements outside of the School of Education at CU Boulder.  Unknown Boulder
Feather Flight Mobile sculptures next to a pond that move sequentially in response to the wind.  In front of... George Peters and Melanie Walker Longmont
Fish Skeleton, Part 1 Graffiti:  This is a long, horizontal painting of a fish skeleton with a colorful tail and... Unknown Boulder
Fish Skeleton, Part 2 Graffiti:  This is a long, horizontal painting of a white fish skeleton with a red tail. It's... Unknown Boulder
Flight of Stairs 20-foot-tall sculpture outside the University Memorial Center. Two twisted staircases, wrapped... Bruce Campbell Boulder
Flood Monument in Central Boulder Park This monument is a pillar with 4 markers that represent the heights of the 50 year flood (a flood... Unknown Boulder
Flower of Life Artist: Kimmerjae Johnson, Lafayette, Colorado Installed as Part of Art on the Street 2014... Kimmerjae Johnson Lafayette
Flower's beneath 6th ST. bridge Graffiti mural of eleven of the same kind of white flowers of varying sizes with five petals each... Unknown Boulder
Flowing Concrete A series of flowing concrete designs Unknown Boulder
Full Cycle Back Door Painting on the back door of Full Cycle. Unknown Boulder
Gargoyle Fountain 3 Gargoyle heads above a fountain basin at the entrance to Norlin Library on the CU Boulder campus. Unknown Boulder
Gather Enough People Here Tall white mobile sculpture next to bike/walking path at Izaak Walton Park. Plaque in front of... Robert Tully Longmont
Geese Galore Giant sculpture of a goose on her eggs. Public art project in 2002. Unknown Longmont
Geisha Mural A very bright, vivid mural of a Geisha surrounded by a picturesque setting. Unknown Boulder
Giddy Up! A Father and Daughter sculpture, imitiating a game. Life size and bronze. Gary Alsum Boulder
Girly Curl Artist: Harold Link, Evergreen, Colorado Aquired: 2014   Harold Link Lafayette
Girly Curl Painted Bronze, approx. 2.5 ft tall.  Harold Link Lafayatte
Globe Statues Two identical globe statues outside of the CU Environmental Sciences building. Unknown Boulder
Gold-painted man A man covered in gold paint, pretending to be a statue, on Boulder's Pearl Street Mall on October... Unknown Boulder
Graffiti This wall is on the backside of a house on 15th and Cascade. The homeowers decided to do a little... Unknown Boulder
Graffiti Cyclone Head A human form with one eye, and lines moving in a swirling motion within the body, with static lines... Unknown Boulder
Graffiti Hand Graffiti:  A white hand with grey details and red lines moving out between the fingers. Unknown Boulder
Grafitti underneath Broadway Bridge Two triangles and grafitti in a niche under the Broadway bridge. Unknown Boulder
Grandpa's Saddle Interactive saddle, Please Ride!  Installed 2005 George Walbye Boulder
Granite ball A granite ball sitting on a table in the Enginnering Center at the University of Colorado at... Unknown Boulder
Half Circle Sculpture Bronze sculpture. Unknown Boulder
Hannah's Highland Lawn Plat, 1884 Woven in 2013 with 116 old tape measures and thousands of yards of colorful Hunter Douglas window... Conceived and woven by Denise Perreault, with assistance from Handweavers Guild of Boulder members Boulder
Happy Go Lucky A burro Installed 2005 Veryl Goodnight Boulder
Healer Totem Small modern tribal statue representing a healer. Aprrox. 2 ft. tall, composed of iron.  Gary Monaco Lafayette
Heart to Hand Installed in 1996, the bronze sculpture is located outside of the Longmont Senior Center.  A. Joseph Kinkel Longmont
Heart to Heart Formal entryway into the Children's Section at the Boulder Public Library. Commissioned by City of... Mario Miguel Echevarria Boulder
Hearts on a Swing Freestanding bronze sculpture of a woman on a swing. On loan from Stephen Tebo. Awarded Helen... George Lundeen Boulder
High Voltage Installed in 2013 as part of Longmont's Art in Public Places public art project, Shock Art. Shock... G. Eliot Longmont
Historic Coca- Cola Mural Artist: Unknown Historic preserved advertisement in Old Town Lafayette.  Unknown Lafayette
Hitch Gallery Opening - IPO Hitch Gallery hits the road with its inaugural exhibition and public reception on Wednesday,... Clay Hawkley Boulder
Holiday Neighborhood Paint the Pavement Project On May 19, 2012, the Holiday Neighborhood painted the intersection of Zamia and 16th Street in an... Christie Slater and Residents of Holiday Neighborhood Boulder
Hoops A line of Hoops connects the VAC building to the Atlas building. Unknown Boulder
Hugs 'n Kittens Two girls playing with Kittens on a bench. Bronze. 2004.  Greg Todd Superior
Imaginamachina Three tall concrete structures stand in the enginnering center at University of Colorado at Boulder... David Griggs Boulder
Imagination Imagination by artist J. Lucas Loeffler was part of Lafayette's 2012 Art on the... J. Lucas Loeffler Lafayette
In Tribute Arapaho Indians tribute sculpture. Steven Weitzman and Tara Brige Boulder
Into the Light A miner blocking his eyes from the light as he exits a mine. Bronze.  Joe Campbell Superior
Invocation Large Native American riding a horse Buck McCain Boulder
Ironfire A horse built out of unusual scrap metals Dixie Jewett Boulder
Jacques Cousteau Meets Dr. Sueus “Jacque Cousteau meets Dr. Seuss” Annette Coleman created this work of art to honor all community... Annette Coleman Boulder
Keep it Clean 'Cause... We're All Downstream A tile mural depicting symbols of recycling, fish, plants, and other animals. It's message is to... Students at Casey Middle School Boulder
L Town This abstract mosaic piece on a side of a building was done by Linda Gleitz. Located on 5th and... Linda Gleitz Longmont
Lady in Waiting Artist: Victoria Ross Patti, Arvada, Colorado  Installed as part of the Art on the Street... Victoria Ross Patti Lafayette
Landscape Graffiti A landscape of an outdoor scene with graffiti. Unknown Boulder
LASP Rocket Approx. 20 foot rocket installation by LASP and NASA Unknown Boulder
Lefthand's Compass Installed in 2002 and located at the Longmont Museum and Cultural Center. "The various components... Zoé Strecker Longmont
Legal Graffiti Wall Constantly changing wall: Art is encouraged!  Many Artists Boulder
Like the Eagle A native American man morphing into an eagle Chiricahua Apache Boulder
Literature Envisioned Part 1 Space, country, and city incorporated into one large painting, with fictional characters such as a... Trey Danel, Renee Foster, Dana Guber, Yulia Kushner, Beau Sam, Lindee Zimmer Boulder
Literature Envisioned Part 2 Space, country, and city incorporated into one large painting, with fictional characters such as a... Trey Danel, Renee Foster, Dana Guber, Yulia Kushner, Beau Sam, Lindee Zimmer Boulder
Literature Envisioned Part 3 Space, country, and city incorporated into one large painting, with fictional characters such as a... Trey Danel, Renee Foster, Dana Guber, Yulia Kushner, Beau Sam, Lindee Zimmer Boulder
Los Arcos de Longmont Installed in 2001, this is one of six arches that connect Main Street to the parking lots downtown... Armando Alvarez Longmont
Luminescence "Luminescence" is a large outdoor LED art installation on view at the meditation garden entrance to... M. Balzer, B. Blumenthal, M.B. Homiack, D. Perreault, Becky Vanderslice Boulder
Lyons, Past, Present and Future - The Lyons Mural The Mural is a community collaboration coordinated by Cathy Rivers and Candace Shepard. With the... Candace Shepard, Cathy Rivers and the Lyons Community Lyons
Manilda G. Raffe Installed in 2001, the bronze giraffe—known as Manilda G. Raffe—sits on a bench with her "story"... Michele VandenHeuvel Longmont
Mapleton Days Ideal Market commissioned Mario Miguel Echevarria to create a nostalgic mural that honored the... Mario Miguel Echevarria Boulder
Mary Miller Mural Installed in 1997, A tile mosaic mural reflection the historical roots of Lafayette, depicting Mary... Barbara Jo Revelle Lafayette
Memorial Veterans Memorial Unknown Boulder
Messenger of the Skies A bronze sculpture of a hawk in flight on Pearl street mall. Located in the Boulder County... Joellen Domenico Boulder
Metal Sculpture Metal sculpture on Boulder Creek. Unknown Boulder
Metal Sculpture Collage Metal sculpture collage on the back of West End Tavern. Unknown Boulder
Monarch A buffalo Installed in 2007 Buck McCain Boulder
Monarch Dragon Connect the Unconnected Android Jones Boulder
Monarch of the Plains The buffalo sitting outside of Folsom Field. Stephen Leblanc Boulder
Moose Bronze sculpture of a life-size moose that can be seen from the intersection of S Hover Rd and the... Unknown Longmont
Mosaic under Broadway Bridge From the Beyond Bike Paths Tour: Mosaic stone artwork under the [Broadway] bridge mimics the... Christian Muller and Jessica Saunther Boulder
Mountain Lion Mural A mountain lion next to a rushing creek and large boulders. Large swath deteriorated on the lion's... Sherry Soares Boulder
Mountian Lion Mountian Lion Statue off of Pearl St. Unknown Boulder
Moveable Globe Globe in fountain: Push to move!  Kusser Aicha Boulder
Mr Toolman Mr Toolman was inspired by a handtool meant for straightening saw teeth. To me, the tool's... Justin Deister Longmont
Mural on Victors & Spoils Building Vibrant mural of multicolored lasers along the exterior wall of Victors & Spoils (Advertising... Dalek (James Marshall) Boulder
Mushroom, Mushroom! Lovely concrete Amanita Muscaria Unknown Boulder
Nana's Pooh Garden Piglet stands with his arms reaching forwards. He stands by an artificial waterfall in a garden... Maurice Barr (sculptor), William, Vielehr (landscape architect) Boulder
Naptime Depiction of a Bear resting. approx. 3.5 ft. long, composed of clay.  Ed Guass Lafayette
New Dancing Moon IX Since 2005, Art in Public Places has exhibited three to ten works of art by Colorado artists in... Reven Swanson Longmont
Nisiitenoot Nii'eihiiho (The Eagle Catcher) Nisiitenoot Nii'eihiiho or "The Eagle Catcher" is a wooden carving by Eddie Running Wolf.... Eddie Running Wolf Niwot
NoBo Little Libraries, Rocket Ship Jimmy Descant, the Rocket Man Built our first NoBo Little Library behind Lucky's Market in Boulder... Jimmy Descant Boulder
Northern Exposure A totem pole Installed in 2005 Martha Pettigrew Boulder
On the Road with Mother Goose Displayed as part of the 2011 Art on the Street Collection Purchased by the Ron Grayum and Kathy... Diane Mason Lafayette
On the Road with Mother Goose Artist: Diane Mason, Berthoud, Colorado Location: Lafayette Public Library, 775 W Beseline Rd.... Diane Mason Lafayette
Opulent Owl Owl and nest Installed in 2006 Steve Kestrel Boulder
Orpheus Sculpture in the East courtyard of the University of Colorado Imig Music School. Preserved by the... Greig Steiner of Estes Park, CO Boulder
Our Story - Open Arts and Thistle Thistle Housing and Open Arts Fairways community mural - "Our story" Thistle Housing and Open Art... Sally Eckert Boulder
Painting with horse sculpture A painting on the sidewalk of a man in a hat, paired with a small horse sculpture. Unknown Boulder
Papasita "The Pied Piper of Chautauqua" E. Bruce Street This bronze sculpture depicts an older E. Bruce... Jane DeDecker Boulder
Pariskaroopa, Two Crows A Native American Man (Two Crows) John Coleman Boulder
Passage Between Rocks Passage between rocks on the Pearl St. mall. Unknown Boulder
Peace Cherry Graffiti: double cherry stem in light blue, lightning strike in black with the words "GOF 4 life"... Unknown Boulder
Picnic in the Park Two bear cubs  fighting over a  picnic basket. Sculpture.  Randall May Superior
Psychedelic Flatirons Abstract mural of the Flatirons on an alley wall. Unknown Boulder
Quote on Norlin Library A quote on the exterior of Norlin Library at the CU Boulder Campus which reads "Who knows only his... Unknown Boulder
Quote on Norlin Library (entrance) A quote directly above the entrance to Norlin Library on the CU Boulder campus which reads "Enter... Unknown Boulder
Raptoround: Standing Proud This piece is on a base next to a staircase of a parking garage. It depicts raptor's head coming a... Chuck Weaver Boulder
Reading In Spires a NoBo Little Library Reading In Spires by Christie Slater and Jonathan Davis of Tinker Art Studio is a sculptural Little... Christie Slater and Jonathan Davis of Tinker Art Studio Boulder
Remnants Thin sheets of metal warped and standing strong. Unknown Boulder
Rescued Memories, 2013 After the floods in September of 2013, Viviane Le Courtois collected items lost during the floods,... Viviane Le Courtois Bouder
Retro VolksWagen Bus This vehichle is privately owned and resides on 16th st near Baseline.  Painted on its sides... Unknown Boulder
Rocket Ship Playground Multi-level rocket ship with steering wheel at top In honor of astronaut Scott Carpenter  Unknown Boulder
Roosevelt—The Conservationist Installed in 2004, the lifesize sculpture of Teddy Roosevelt sits outside of Roosevelt Place,... Dan Starr Longmont
Rooster (8 feet tall hand forged sculture) Rooster, sculpted from reshaped farm tools Commissioned by and installed in front of Alfalfa's... Robert Bellows Boulder
Roots Graffiti A  graffiti sign advertising for The Root of the Hill shop. Unknown Boulder
Running Mural A large mural of runners and the flatirons. Unknown Boulder
Scena Di Direzioni Allegre "Scene of Lively Directions."  Steel sculpture and Sandstone & Slate entrance paving. 1998... Laura Jangla Audrey Boulder
Self Made Man A man sculpting himself to life Bobbie Carlyle Boulder
September Apartments Painted murals on September Apartments. Unknown Boulder
Sewall Hall Courtyard Courtyard on the south side of Sewall Hall, featuring benches, a lion fountain, and decorative... Unknown Boulder
Sewall Hall Electrical Boxes Painted electrical boxes in front of Sewall Hall on CU Boulder's campus. Unknown Boulder
Sewall Hall Fountain This is of the sewall residence hall fountain. South Side Unknown Boulder
Shadows of the Seasons Large sundial with inscriptions Installed 2006 Ken Leap Boulder
Shape Painting Abstract geometric multicolored mural painted on the wall of an alley. Unknown Boulder
Silver Throne An abstract seat along the boulder creek bike path.  Unknown Boulder
Skydancer Displayed as part of the 2009 Art on the Street Collection, won the 2009 Jean Mellblom’s People’s... J. Lucas Loeffler Lafayette
Slice of Wind Fascinating piece that creates waves on an array of mirrors due to the wind. Pictures alone can't... Ned Kahn Boulder
Sound of Autumn Large elk Installed in 2005 Gerald Balciar Boulder
Sound Sphere Creates an echo chamber- clap inside!  Unknown Boulder
Space Canvas A large canvas saying "Space Trip" with graffiti-like letters in an abstract shape and vibrant... Unknown Boulder
Spring in Full Swing Sculpture of large ornamented flower in front of Longmont's Museum and Cultural Center. Joshua Lewis Longmont
Spring Squabble 2 male pheasants fighting over a female Installed in 2008 Sherry Sander Boulder
Squirrel Stencil A small stencil of a black squirrel on a wall on The Hill. Unknown Boulder
Stacked rocks on a river Rocks stacked on top of each other in Boulder Creek. Unknown Boulder
Stairs at Old Main 3 ornate staircases at Old Main on the CU Boulder campus. Unknown Boulder
Standing Proud Sculpture of a bird Chuck Weaver Boulder
Stone Cogs 3 large stone cog-shaped sculptures outside the Eaton Humanities building on the CU Boulder campus. Unknown Boulder
Strollers Abstract portrayal of a couple walking; Composed of bronze, approx. 4.5 ft tall.  Pat Kennedy Lafayatte
Sundial Sundial on CU's Campus. Unknown Boulder
Superhero Detectives Mario Miguel Echevarria donated his time to create murals for his two son's elementary school... Mario Miguel Echevarria Longmont
Surveying Our Future Artist: Geoffrey Newton Metalworks  Installed: Summer 2017 Custodian: City of Lafayette,... Unknown Lafayette
Suspended Tree Trunk A tree trunk suspended by chains behind the Ketchum Arts and Sciences Building on the CU Boulder... Unknown Boulder
The Bears This Sculpture found a home in 2010.  Sally King's Bears were a popular tableau during the... Sally King Lyons
The Clarifier Project The Project was started in 2006 after the successful creation of the Lyons Mural: Lyons Past... Cathy Rivers, Priscilla Cohan and the Lyons Community Lyons
The Conqueror A horse head Installed 2005 George Carlson Boulder
The Cowboy Simply A Cowboy Buck McCain Boulder
The Deluxe Buck Gordon Flash Rogers Time Machine Rocketship Artist: Jimmy Descant, Salida, Colorado  Installed: 2015 as Part of the Art on the Street... Jimmy Descant Lafayette
The Doorman and Sheila Depiction of two otters, one standing (the Doorman) and one crouching (Sheila); approx. 2 ft. in... Susan Arinello Lafayette
The Flower on the Mountain Metal (steel?) abstract sculpture of an elongated person holding up a flower. Located in Dalton... Unknown Boulder
The Girls with the Book Sculpture of a girl reading to a younger girl outside of Flatirons Bank. The sculpture belongs to... Unknown Boulder
The Intruder A Stalking Mountain Lion Kenneth Bunn Boulder
The Piano Project The Piano Project is a work of public art that combines the expressions of visual art and music... Susie Levin Boulder
The Rulers Located on the south side of the Joint Institute for Laboratory Astrophysics (JILA) building... Brad Baxley Boulder
The spirit of Niwot This mural was done by Denise Chamberlain and David Bowes on November 4th 2011. It can be seen from... Denise Chamberlain and David Bowes Boulder
Thompson Tempietto Installed in 2007, this gazebo is located in Thompson Park. Inspired by the history of "Old Town"... Mario Miguel Echevarria Longmont
Toros Curiosos Artist Christopher Weed, Colorado Springs, ColoradoInstalled August 2007, commissioned by the... Christopher Weed Lafayette
towns.woman Artist: Tim Upham Installed: September 2006 Custodian: City of Lafayette, Public Arts Committee... Tim Upham Lafayette
Traveler Displayed as part of Lafayette's 2012 Art on the Street, created by Artist  Anthony... Anthony Guntren Lafayette
Tree Tiles Tree mural made of painted tiles on the side of the Boulder Public Library. Unknown Boulder
Truth This giant painting is along the cement wall that runs along the boulder creek. In my opinion this... Unknown Boulder
Twin Peakcocks One of the murals outside of the Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse that artsit Haydar Mirakhmatov... Haydar Mirakhmatov Boulder
Unity Project Mario Miguel Echevarria and Susan Dailey recruited community members from the Kensington Park... Mario Miguel Echevarria and Susan Dailey Longmont
University Bicycle Mosaic Mozaic piece advertising university bicycle shop. Unknown Boulder
Unknown (Children raising Umbrella)  Three children holding up an umbrella. Bronze.  James Haire Superior
Unknown (Circling Horses) Two horses circling each other in the center of round-about at Superior Shopping Center. Life size... Unknown Superior
Waiting for the Bus Artist: Lucas Loeffler      Lucas Loeffler Lafayette
Warped Metal This is a sculpture of metal bent in various ways. Unknown Boulder
Water Dragon A blue water dragon blowing out fire, in two parts:  Upper body and a harpoon tail protruding... Unknown Boulder
Waves Three waves under a bridge Unknown Boulder
Western Diamondback Rattlesnake A realistic rattlesnake Installed 2008 Bryce Pettit Boulder
Whimsy Artist Mike Davis, of Erie, Colorado, donated Whimsy to the City of Lafayette in August 2012.... Mike Davis Lafayette
Whistle Stop Longmont Installed in 2014, "this piece commemorates the Whistle Stop campaign speech by Theodore Roosevelt... Dan Starr Longmont
Window of Peace Artist: JoEllen Domencio, Lafayette, Colorado Installed: 2010  Custodian: City of Lafayette... JoEllen Domenico Lafayette
Winged Hunter Artist: JoEllen Donenico  Installed: 2014, part of the Art on the Street Collection. How it... JoEllen Domenico Lafayette
Winged Hunter Sculpure of eagle in flight. Approx 3 ft. in height, composed of bronze.  JoEllen Dominico Lafayette
Within Your Reach Artist: Susan Booker, Boulder, Colorado  Installed: 2005 History/Provenance: Designed by... Susan Booker Lafayette
Wolf Mural Mural painted under a bridge of wolves in their natural habitat. Unknown Boulder
Wolf Pack 3 Wolves Prowling Veryl Goodnight Boulder
Wooden Bench Carved wooden bench. Unknown Boulder
Woodsongs Instruments Mural A mural on a brick wall of a group of four men and one woman playing instruments (guitar, fiddle... Unknown Boulder
Word Art Word arrangement & swirl at 28th St overpass on the Boulder Creek bike path. Unknown Boulder
World War Veterans In Honor of all Veterans. Nathaniel Lyon Boulder
Worlds Largest Mountain Bike Mountain Bike built on a scale of 3:1. Fabricated by Tom McNeil in Littleton. Tubing is 4 1/2 inch... Tom McNeil Boulder
Zentripetal Force - Stacked rocks Stacked rocks alongside the river. Dubbed by this photographer, "Zentripetal Force." Unknown Boulder
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