Board of Directors

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Each year, Boulder County Arts Alliance solicits nominations for open positions on our Board of Directors with three-year terms. Our Board is comprised of artists and members of the community who have an interest in supporting and promoting the arts in Boulder County. The Board members represent each artistic discipline (theatre, visual arts, dance, music, poetry/literature, and film/video) and the communities within Boulder County (including Longmont/Niwot, Louisville/Lafayette/Superior/Erie and Lyons and the mountain towns).

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Following is a list of the 2014 BCAA Board of Directors members.

Alphonse Keasley - Past President
Theatre 2006-2014
Assistant Vice Chancellor, University of Colorado

Pat Connelly - President
Dance 2011-2015
Founder, Blue Moon Dance Company

Lisa Glickman McDonough - Treasurer
Visual Art 2012-2015

Jeffery Bahr
Literature 2008-2014
Owner, Set Software Services

Shoshana Fanizza
Music 2012-2015
Founder, Audience Development Specialists

Bunny Lester
Fine art and Film 2012-2015
President, Cirocon Group

Alexis Valentine
Visual Art 2013-2016
Founder, Positive Change Agency

SoYoung Lee
Music 2014-2017
Executive Director, Rocky Ridge Music Academy

Tamil Maldonado
Dance/Music 2014-2017
Founder, Barrio E'


Charlotte LaSasso 
Executive Director

Crystal Polis
Communications Manager


Board of Directors Purpose, Tenure and Responsibilities

I. Board Purpose
To understand and carry out Boulder County Arts Alliance's vision and mission by determining governing policies and procedures and monitoring organizational performance. (also annual setting of organizational goals) and to uphold the public trust and take fiduciary responsibility for the organization.

II. Board Tenure


  • elected, 3 years. (Members may serve two consecutive terms and can return for two additional terms after taking a year off.)


  • expiration of normal term.
  • resignation in writing to Board President.
  • default by 3 consecutive absences from Board Meetings without a valid reason or any attempt to contact the Director or President in advance.

III. Board Responsibilities


  • Maintain annual membership in Boulder County Arts Alliance.
  • Fundraise or contribute annually an amount that is significant to the individual.
  • Review and approve annual budget as formulated by the Finance Committee and staff and assist with follow through to ensure that financial affairs of the organization are conducted in a responsible and legal manner in accordance with established goals and policies.
  • Oversee BCAA/Neodata Endowment and appoint BCAA/Neodata Endowment panelists.
  • Review BCAA/Neodata Endowment investment performance and approve annual allocation


  • Prepare for and attend scheduled meetings the final Monday of each month as per board schedule.
  • Prepare for and attend annual board retreat each fall.
  • Volunteer to chair and work on committee(s) or task force of choice or need.
  • Assist in formulation of annual goals and objectives for long-range plan.
  • Assist in establishing policies for administering programs and services.
  • Maintain open, supportive relationship with Executive Director.
  • Participate actively in Board discussions and support majority decisions in public, remembering which topics remain confidential.
  • Avoid all conflicts of interest and appearances of same.

Community Relations

  • Attend other events (such as programs, retreats, Boulder Arts Commission, City Council, SCFD and County Commissioner or Arts for Colorado meetings) that affect arts and culture in Boulder County .
  • Serve Act as an ambassador of Boulder County Arts Alliance in the community and serve as a liaison to artists in your discipline or your community and bring feedback from contacts among membership and community at large.

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