BCAA/Community Arts Fund Award Guidelines

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The BCAA/Community Arts Fund was established as a vehicle for and individuals, groups, and businesses to collectively provide much needed funding for Boulder County arts projects. Art created in the community, by local artists, supported by the community. An award will be given each time the fund reaches the goal amount to support a worthy artistic project. The guidelines are intentionally minimal and flexible in order to discover the needs of the Boulder County arts community.

Important Dates

  • Proposal deadline:  Proposals are due three weeks from the time the Request For Proposals (RFP) is posted.
  • Funding cycle dates:  The project must be completed within one year from the award distribution date, which will be three weeks after the proposal deadline.

Award Distribution

The Community Arts Fund award check will be mailed to the recipient and announced on the BCAA website and through additional media outlets. Award recipients must agree to provide images of the project that may be posted to the BCAA website and other places as BCAA deems appropriate. The artist will be credited.

Persons, Organizations and Activities Funded

  • All applicants must be current members of the Boulder County Arts Alliance. If you are not a current member of the BCAA or your membership has expired, please visit www.bouldercountyarts.org/join to join.   
  • All applicants must be based in Boulder County.
  • All projects must take place in Boulder County.

Persons, Organizations and Activities Not Funded

  • Organizations that practice discrimination of any kind
  • Organizations that influence legislation or support candidates for political office
  • Projects that will be complete before funding is received

Proposal Evaluation Criteria

All proposals are reviewed and commented on by a multi-disciplinary panel of arts professionals and community members. Each panelist reviews and scores every proposal on his/her own; a panel meeting is called and all proposals are reviewed by the panel as a whole.  A final score is reached at the panel meeting and the top scoring proposal will be awarded for that cycle. Panelist comments are recorded and are available for applicants to review after the awards are announced. 

Applicants must demonstrate artistic excellence, merit of proposed activity and/or innovation in their proposal. The budget must be realistic and accurate.

Proposal Process

  • All proposals must be submitted electronically using the Community Arts Fund (CAF) Proposal form on the BCAA website.
  • Supplemental material may be included only in your CAF Proposal form.
  • No paper copies will be accepted.
  • Electronic proposals that are not submitted through the CAF form will be not be accepted.
  • No exceptions.

You will receive an automated confirmation email when you have successfully submitted your proposal.


Refer to www.bouldercountyarts.org/caf_faq for answers to frequently asked questions. For additional information about the BCAA/Community Arts Fund call 303-447-2422 or email info@bouldercountyarts.org.

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