A Higher Perspective - Boulder Housing Partner Mural

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Sally went through a rigorous and exciting community jurying process to be awarded the Boulder Housing Partner Mural for their new housing building. The mural was funded by a grant by the Boulder Art Commission. Sally produced several idea concepts and renderings to be chosen the finalist winner. The mural was to give back to the community of North Boulder and beyond. The mural helped bring acceptance to the housing project and in turn acceptance to the people who live there. This is a powerful example of how art and beauty can help change a neighborhood's identity. The mural shows a couple in a balloon over the top of the foothills in North Boulder. The view is the higher perspective.

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A Higher Perspective - Boulder Housing Partner MuralClose up of mural Higher Perspective install
Details[Edit This]
Artist   Sally Eckert
Collection   A Higher Perspective
Address   1175 Broadway, Boulder, Colorado
Artwork Type   Mural
Placement   Public building
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