Do-Si-Do Book – Two in One Book Class

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This back-to-back structure is called Do-si-do in America after the square dance move where partners circle each other back to back. The name is a variation on the French phrase dos-à-dos (literally “back to back”), and has historically referenced a basic dance step in many folk styles. The Do-si-do book is a “two-fer” structure – that is, two books bound into one. The name sounds a bit frivolous but the book itself has a serious side. The structure consists of two text blocks swinging around a shared cover, which makes the book perfect for dual purposes. Think then/now, serious/silly, day/night, etc. Intrigued by the Do-si-do idea, local book artist Kristen Lewis designed this hardback version using colorful papers for the covers and artist grade paper for the pages. The binding is a decorative long stitch, which allows the pages to lie flat for easy drawing and writing. Come do a little “book dancing” with Kristen and make two journals in one!

What   Classes/Workshops, Visual Art
When   Saturday, February 24, 10:30-5pm
Where   Two Hands Paperie, 803 Pearl Street, Boulder, CO
Cost   $115.00
Contact   303-444-0124

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