Encaustic - Layering Paper Class

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There are so many encaustic techniques! This class is all about experimenting with hot wax and layers of various papers to create an unusual collage on a wood substrate. The melted wax medium transforms paper and ephemera in unexpected and surprising ways. Papers become translucent. Colors change. Images are softened. Because of the almost imperceptible thickness of the medium, successive layers create a subtle but rich visual depth. Join artist Alix Christian in her studio for this one-day class to see how introducing a new medium into your kit of techniques can change your work. This class is for both new and experienced students. Alix will cover basic information at the beginning of the class, such as how to brush on the hot wax and then torch each layer to fuse it to the previous one. Experienced students can move right ahead at their own pace while Alix helps newer students get started. 

This class is held off site; for more information about site address, the Cancellation Policy, what to bring, and an Instructor Bio follow the link to our website!

What   Classes/Workshops, Visual Art
When   Saturday, March 10, 10am-3:30pm
Where   Boulder, CO
Cost   $155.00
Contact   303-444-0124
Website   twohandspaperie.com/encaustic-layering-paper-class-march-10/

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