Bitoheinen (Spear Lodge Man)

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Bitoheinen or "Spear Lodge Man" is a wooden carving by Eddie Running Wolf. Located on 2nd and Niwot streets. A Native american of the Arapaho tribe is riding on his horse in the carving. Other carvings are being made next to this one. 

"Traditionally the men of the Arapaho tribe were divided into a ranked series of ceremonial and political socieities, organized according to age; age-grade socieites. The Spear Lodge was the third society. Its members were mature men in their physical prime who had the responisibilty of policing the camp, surprivising communal hunts, enforcing the decisions of chiefs and council of elders, and ensuring that tribal ceremonies ran smoothly without disturbances. They were the leading defenders of the tribe." 

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Details[Edit This]
Artist   Eddie Running Wolf
Collection   Niwot town
Address   2nd and Niwot Streets, Niwot , Colorado
Artwork Type   Wood carving
Placement   Outdoors, Roadway
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